Ship Construction And Design 2007 Objective Paper

33)Keel scantlings of any vessel are greatest amidships because __________.

A) connections between forebody and afterbody are most crucial

B) of maximum longitudinal bending moments

C) of severest racking stresses

D) resistance to grounding is at a maximum amidships


34)A thirty pound plate would be __________.

A) 3/8" thick

B) 1/2" thick

C) 3/4" thick

D) 1" thick


35)The ceiling is __________.

A) the overhead in berthing compartments

B) a wooden protection placed over the tank top

C) material driven into seams or cracks to prevent leaking

D) None of the above are correct


36)The wooden planking that protects the tank top from cargo loading is called __________.

A) ceiling

B) shores

C) frames

D) toms


37)A set of interior steps on a ship leading up to a deck from below is know as _________.

A) a companion way

B) tween-decks

C) stairs

D) All of the above are acceptable


38)A cofferdam is __________.

A) any deck below the main deck and above the lowest deck

B) a member that gives fore-and-aft strength

C) made by placing two bulkheads a few feet apart

D) a heavy fore-and-aft beam under the deck


39)The thickness of a 30.6 pound plate is __________.

A) 3/8"

B) 1/2"

C) 3/4"

D) 1"


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