Ship Construction And Dsign 2005 Objective Paper

Q- Owing to the greater girth of a ship amidships than at the ends, certain strakes are dropped as they approach the bow and stern to reduce the amount of plating at the ends. These strakes are called __________.

A) drop strakes

B) stealers

C) throughs

D) voids


Q- A chock __________.

A) is a deck fitting used to shackle gear to the deck

B) permits easy jettisoning of deck cargo in an emergency

C) prevents stress concentration in the bulwark

D) provides openings through the bulwark for mooring lines


Q- One function of a bulwark is to __________.

A) help keep the deck dry

B) prevent stress concentrations on the stringer plate

C) protect against twisting forces exerted on the frame of the vessel

D) reinforce the side stringers


Q- Freeing ports on a vessel with solid bulwarks __________.

A) prevent stress concentration in the bulwark

B) permit easy jettison of deck cargo in an emergency

C) provide openings through the bulwarks for mooring lines

D) allow water shipped on deck to flow off rapidly


Q-The vessel's "quarter" is located __________.

A) abeam

B) dead astern

C) just forward of the beam on either side

D) on either side of the stern


Q- The horizontal flat surfaces where the upper stock joins the rudder are the __________.

A) rudder keys

B) rudder palms

C) lifting flanges

D) shoes of the rudder


Q- A "contra-guide" is a type of __________.

A) bow thruster

B) cargo gear

C) steering engine

D) rudder

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