MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2012 Objective Paper

Q- Safety is increased if __________.

a. extra line and wire are laid out on deck for emergency use

b. all lashings are made up, and the decks are clean and clear

c. power tools are kept plugged in for immediate use

d. spare parts are kept on deck for ready access


Q- A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher should be recharged __________.

a. at least annually

b. whenever it is below its required weight

c. only if the extinguisher has been used

d. before every safety inspection


Q- Your vessel has a displacement of 19,800 tons. It is 464 feet long, and has a beam of 64 feet. You have timed its full rolling period to be 21.0 seconds. What is your vessel's approximate GM?

a. 1.1 ft

b. 1.3 ft

c. 1.6 ft

d. 1.8 ft


Q- Which signal is used by a rescue unit to indicate, "Avast hauling"?

a. Firing of a green star signal

b. Firing of a red star signal

c. An orange smoke signal

d. Three white star rockets fired at one-minute intervals


Q- What statement about immersion suits is TRUE?

a. Immersion suits should be worn while performing routine work on deck.

b. No stowage container for immersion suits may be capable of being locked.

c. During the annual maintenance, the front zipper should be lubricated using light machine oil or mineral oil.

d. Any tear or leak will render the suit unserviceable and it must be replaced.


Q- Gasoline fuel tanks on small passenger vessels must be installed __________.

a. independent of the hull

b. on a level higher than the engine

c. in a cool and insulated place

d. so the fuel line to the engine leads from a shut-off valve at the bottom of the tank


Q- Which condition is necessary for a substance to burn?

a. The temperature of the substance must be equal to or above its fire point.

b. The air must contain oxygen in sufficient quantity.

c. The mixture of vapors with air must be within the "explosive range."

d. All of the above


Q- That center around which a vessel trims is called the __________.

a. tipping center

b. center of buoyancy

c. center of gravity

d. turning center


Q- During cargo operations, your vessel develops a list due to the center of gravity rising above the transverse metacenter. To correct the list, you should __________.

a. shift weight to the high side

b. shift weight to the centerline

c. add weight in the lower holds or double bottoms

d. remove weight from the lower holds or double bottoms


Q- When should you first have any food or water after boarding a lifeboat or liferaft?

a. After 12 hours

b. After 24 hours

c. Within 48 hours

d. Some food and water should be consumed immediately and then not until 48 hours later


Q- Which statement concerning carbon dioxide is FALSE?

a. It displaces the oxygen in the air.

b. It cannot be seen.

c. It cannot be smelled.

d. It is safe to use near personnel in a confined space.


MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2013 Objective Papers
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