MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2011 Objective Paper

130)Following should not be done to a person in frostbite.

a. Rubbing effected area.(correct)

b. Ask him to rest.

c. Remove wet cloths

d. Give him something warm to drink.


131) Angular motion of a vessel about longitudinal axis is called________.

a. Heaving

b. Pitching

c. Rolling (correct)

d. sway


132)Imo convention for voyage data recorder (VDR).

a. COLRAG 1972.

b. SAR 1972.

c. SOLAS 1974. (CHAPTER V) (correct)

d. SALVAGE 1981


133)When performing CPR, we must do chest compression_____.

a. 12 to 15 times/min.(correct)

b. 16 to 18 times/min.

c. 2 to 5 times/min.

d. 18 to 19 times/min.


134)Which of the following can leads to degradation of foam? –MULTIPLE CHOICE

a. Exposure to excess of heat.

b. Mixing of different grade of foam.

c. Exposure to air.

d. None of the above.


136)Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage is issued under what?

a. CLC 1969.

b. MARPOL convention.

c. Bunker convention 2001.

d. CLC 1992.


137) As per MARPOL Annex 1 all ships delivered on or after 1st August 2010 with an aggregate oil fuel capacity of 600 m3 & above, the fuel can be carried in _____.

a. Any of the tanks without any restriction.

b. Deep tanks and double bottom tanks.

c. Deep tanks in protected location.(correct)

d. Double bottom tank & peak tanks.


138)First rain water collected over canopy rain water harvesting arrangement has to be ____.

a. Rationed to each member.

b. Given to sick and injured.

c. Thrown overboard.(correct)

d. Given to any one member.


139)As per MARPOL annex ???I requirements:

A. Only crudes and petrochemical products come within the definition of Oil

B. All items mentioned in Appendix 1 of annex 1 come under the category of oil (correct)

C. Only crude oil and black oils have restrictions on pumping out, the remaining products can be pumped out at sea in limited quantities

D. Anything having viscosity greater than that of water is considered to be oil


Prepare for MMD Class 4 Objective