MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2010 Objective Paper

92) When a State becomes a party to a treaty or convention after the convention has been negotiated and signed by other parties and the convention has been put into force, such an action would be called ________________

A. Ratification(correct)

B. Acceptance

C. Approval

D. Accension

Answer-A (NOT SURE)

93) A segregated ballast system is a system where

A. All ballast is processed through the oily Water separator

B. Ballast is taken on and discharged through a separate main deck riser

C. Ballast and cargo tanks are separated by cofferdams

D. All ballast lines,tanks,and pumps are independent of those used for oil(correct)


94) Safety standards and guidelines for helicopter operations and rescue can be found in the:

A. Training manual

B. Safety manual

C. International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO)publication



95)For the first 20 seconds CO2 is being released into the space

A. Vomiting

B. Blue color and lack of breathing(correct)

C. Irregular breathing

D. Unconscious condition


96) Post Nox emission test bed trial and approval of an engine, periodic Nox emission limit verification is normally done by:

A. Emission tests at regular intervals

B. Engine parameters/settings check method(correct)

C. By running the engine at full load and sending a sample of exhaust gas for analysis

D. By checking emission monitors installed on exhaust outlet

Answer-B (NOT SURE)

97) The life boat engine should be capable of starting at _______________________

A. -15 deg Celsius ambient temperature within 2 mins(correct)

B. -5 degcelsius ambient temperature within 5 mins

C. -5 degcelsius ambient temperature within 2mins

D. 0deg Celsius ambient temperature within 2 mins


98) While wearing a life jacket, swimming is best performed as _____________

A. Breast stroke

B. Free style

C. Back stroke(correct)

D. Butterfly stroke


99) When the height of the metacenter has the same value as the height of the center of gravity, the metacentric height is equal to

A. Height of the metacenter

B. Height of the center of gravity

C. Same as half the height of the metacenter

D. Zero(correct)


100) You are the 4th engineer of a ship. Your 3rd engineer handsover the watch to you and informs you that the OWS is running with the ppm showing as zero. After taking over the watch and during your rounds you find out that the rinsing fresh water to 15 ppm device was crack open. After closing the same you find that the ppm rose to 15 and the OWS stopped after giving alarm. What should you do?

A. Nothing ,asmarpol regulations are satisfied till the oily water is being Pumped through OWS and oil content is below 15ppm

B. Should suspend the operation immediately,inform the chief engineer about the same and take appropriate action to restore correct OWS operation(correct)

C. Should never touch OWS and any stoppages to be informed either to chief engineer or 2nd engineer

D. If no visible traces of oil are seen on the sea surface and oily water mixture is being pumped through on OWS,then there is no harm in pumping out with Fresh water crack open, to keep the OWS running as it may give false alarm without fresh water.This is a practical approach to run OWS without any trouble without violating marpol regulations


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