MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2009 Objective Paper

76)The deck water seal of the inert gas system __________.

a. cools the inert gas and prevents soot from entering the cargo tanks b. acts as an emergency system shutdown when the inlet pressures exceed the safe working pressure inthe hazardous zone

c. prevents the backflow of hydrocarbon gasses into nonhazardous areas(correct)

d. relieves sudden large overpressures in the system


77)Under which IMO convention is Voyage Data Recorder- Certificate of compliance issued?


B.SAR 1979

C.SOLAS 1974(correct)



78)In which of the following conditions, the IG blower fans should shut down automatically?

A.Oxygen content above 8%

B.Low water level in deck seal

C.Low water level in the scrubber tower

D.High scrubber water level

Answer-C and D

79)The stretcher normally used for rescue of casualties from engine room spaces, holds, pump-rooms etc., is known as _____________________

A.Williamson stretcher

B.Neil Hobson stretcher

C.Neil Robertson stretcher(correct)

D.Stokes stretcher


80)As regulation 12 of Annex 1 of MARPOL, all ships of __________ gross tonnage and above shall be provided with a sludge tank for collection of oil residues

A.150 tonnes deadweight

B.150 gross tonnage

C.400 tonnes deadweight

D.400 gross tonnage(correct)


81)Life buoy self-activating smoke signals should emit smoke of visible colour for at least ______________ in calm waters.

A.5 minutes

B.15 minutes(correct)

C.30 minutes

D.60 minutes


82)Emergency generators should be capable of being started at ambient temperature of ______________________ deg Centigrade. If lower temperatures are expected then ___________________should be provided., cold starting spray

B.-5, heating arrangements

C.Zero, heating arrangements(correct)

D.-5,cold starting spray


83)Divisions constructed of steel which can withstand a standard fire test for 30min without passage of flame or smoke are classified as____________________

A.B class divisions

B.A class divisions

C.A30 class divisions(correct)

D.B 30 class divisions


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