MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2008 Objective Paper

51)Under OPA 90, who is responsible for mobilizing Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), in the event of spill of oil or Noxious liquid Substances?



C.Qualified Individual(correct)

D.Technical Superintendent


52)As per definition of MARPOL Annex-1, a Crude oil tanker means a tanker designed to carry:

A.Crude oil and other dirty oils

B.Crude oil alongwith some refined products

C.Crude oil only(correct)

D.Crude oil, but alternatively may carry at times dirty and clean oil products also


53)Which of the following organs of IMO consists of all member states?



C.Facilitation Committee

D.None of the above


54)Under which maritime instrument is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) issued?

A.CLC 1992

B.Fund convention


D.OPA 1990(correct)


55)If you observe any situation which presents a safety or pollution hazard during fuel transfer operations on a MODU, which of the listed actions should be taken first?

A.Wait for the person-in-charge to act.

B.Notify the ballast control operator.

C.Shutdown the transfer operations(correct)

D.Sound the fire alarm.


56)As per the definition of MARPOL, Annex-1, a combination carrier means a ship designed to carry:

A.Crude oil and refined oil products at the same time in different tanks

B.Refined oil products and chemical products at the same time in different tanks

C.A combination of different products at the same time, sometimes also known as a parcel tanker

D.Either oil or solid cargoes in bulk CORRECT


57)As per Marpol requirements, Every crude oil tanker of ______________ tones deadweight and above delivered after 1st June 1982, shall be fitted with a cargo tank cleaning system using _______________

A.5000, Sea Water Washing

B.10000, Fresh Water Washing

C.20000, Crude Oil Washing(correct)

D.30000, Bilge Water Washing


58)As per requirements of Marpol Annex -1, all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above:

A.Can carry fuel oil in fore peak, aft peak tanks and deep tanks

B.Cannot carry fuel oil in fore peak tank(correct)

C.Can carry fuel oil forward of collision bulkhead or aft of machinery space forward bulkhead, but not in the cargo area in case of tankers

D.Cannot carry more than 600 m3 of oil fuel in any single fuel tank


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