MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2008 Objective Paper

43) Fuel oil tank vents are fitted with a screen which will stop __________.

a. oil from flowing out of the tank vent

b. air from entering the tank vent

c. vapors from leaving the tank vent

d. flames on deck from entering the tank vent(correct)


46) The purpose of inert gas systems aboard tank vessels is to __________.

a. allow sufficient oxygen in the tank to sustain life

b. prevent outside air from entering the tank(correct)

c. provide increase in cargo discharge pressure

d. comply with double hull pollution prevention regulations


47)As per MARPOL Annex -1 definition, Special area means:

A.Some specific areas where coastal state legislation doesnt allow any bilge water/slop discharges

B.Areas as defined by Annex-1 where no bilge water/slop discharges are allowed

C.Areas as defined by Annex-1, where special mandatory methods are adopted for the prevention of sea pollution by oil (correct)

D.Areas as defined by Coastal state regulations(e.g. OPA-90), where special mandatory methods are adopted for the prevention of sea pollution by oil


48)In which of the following documents on board, authentic information about the circumstances and procedures to obtain Radio Medical Advice can be found?

A.Safety Management Manual

B.The Ship Captain's Medical Guide(correct)

C.First Aid Booklet

D.Code of safe working practices


49)When using the rainwater collection tubes on a liferaft, the FIRST collection should be

A.passed around so all can drink

B.poured overboard because of salt washed off the canopy(correct)

C.saved to be used at a later time

D.used to boil food


50)Which of the following is not an exception provided under MARPOL, Annex-1, regarding the discharge of oil or oily mixture into the sea? (c or d)

A.Discharge for the purpose of securing safety of a ship

B.Discharge for the purpose of saving life at sea

C.Discharge resulting due to damage to the ship because of Master???s fault even if the Master/Owner of the ship has takenall reasonable precautions to prevent/minimizedischarge

D.Discharge resulting due to damage to the ship not because of Master???s fault, but because of a thirdparty???s fault and action awaited by Master from that third party to prevent /minimize discharge(correct)


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