MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2006 Objective Paper

7). Under following,which is not mandatory

(a) LSA





8)Which of the following identification particulars of a ship will never change even with change of owner or flag?

A. Name of the ship

B. Official number of the ship

C. IMO identification number(correct)

D. Call Sign


9)As per the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1958, which of the following statements about ownership of Indian Flag ships is False? (c or d)

A. A company or body established by or under any Central or State Act, which has its principal business in India, may be registered as owner by its name

B. Joint owners shall be considered as constituting one person

C. A person can be registered as owner of a fractional part of a share in a ship, the number of shares being ten

D. Not more than the names of Ten individuals shall be entitled to registered at the same time as joint owners of any one ship.


10)Which of the following IMO conventions has entered into force?

A. Hong Kong Convention

B. Nairobi WRC 2007

C. BWM Convention 2004

D. Bunkers Convention 2001


11)Compliance with which of the following ILO conventions is checked during Port State Control Inspections? B or d

A. ILO convention no.134-Prevention of accidents convention

B. ILO convention no.147- Minimum Standards Convention (correct)

C. ILO convention no.178 -Labor inspection convention

D. All of the above


12)Which of the following documents carried by a ship is not issued under the SOLAS convention?

A. Fire control plan/booklet

B. Maneuvering booklet

C. Minimum safe manning document

D. Records of hours of rest(correct)


13)Which of the following are resource zones and not security zones?(mcq)

A. Inland waters

B. Territorial seas(correct)

C. Contiguous zone

D. Continental shelf(correct)

Answer-B and D

Prepare for MMD Class 4 Objective