MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2006 Objective Paper

Q- A record of the types and strengths of steels used on a MODU must be included in the

A. General plans

B. Builder's documentation

C. Certificate of Inspection

D. Construction portfolio


Q- Type of the tank is fitted semi and fully pressurized gas carrier

A. Type a

B. Type b

C. Type a and b

D. None


1) The number within bracket of a resolution, say A.526 (13) refers to ____.

a. The serial No. of the resolution.

b. The session No. in which the resolution was adopted.(correct)

c. The sub paragraph of the resolution.

d. The No. of clauses in the resolution.


3)What Agreement of hire called, in which the owner agreed to transport an agreed volume of cargo over a specific period. The charter designates cargoes and loading date but owner nominate suitable vessel which are not normally named in agreement.

a. Time charter.

b. Voyage charter.

c. Bare boat charter.

d. Contract of frightment(CORRECT)


4)Before using a fixed CO2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must

a. secure the engine room ventilation

b. secure the machinery in the engine room

c. evacuate all engine room personnel

d. All of the above( correct)


5)Under OPA 90, who is responsible for mobilizing Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), in the event of spill of oil or Noxious liquid Substances?



C.Qualified Individual(correct)

D.Technical Superintendent


6)The maximum allowable weight of a portable fire extinguisher is ______________

A.13.5 Kgs

B.23 Kgs(correct)

C.9 Kgs

D.46 Kgs


Prepare for MMD Class 4 Objective