Marine Auxillary 2012 Objective Paper

Q- Double entry impellers have a distinct advantage over single entry impeller. What is it?

A. They balance out the axial thrust

B. It gives a higher pumping efficiency

C. It is cheaper and easier to manufacture

D. The need of installing line bearing onto the pump shaft is eliminated


Q- What prevents rotation and fretting between a thin shell bearing and its housing ?

A. Location tangs or pegs

B. The nip or crush of the bearing

C. A special kind of adhesive

D. Any of the above


Q- Clearance volume scavenging in a turbocharged,four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is accomplished

A. during the valve overlap period

B. with only the exhaust valve open

C. at a pressure below atmospheric

D. without cooling the cylinders or pistons


MMD Important Question

Q- U R responsible for daily transfers of engine room bilges. U follow the sequences aft –fwd (P)-fwd(s) bilge well n u have never experienced a problem but 5/E started the transfer n first transferred forward (s) bilge well n without any problem n u join him later u find that bilge pump is not taking suction fr f(p) n aft bilge well n then u have checked everything is normal. What is the cause?

A) 5th engineer made a mistake by 1st transferring the fwd (s) bilge well, normal sequence of operation for engine room machineries should not b disturbed.

B) fwd (s) Bilge well suction valve is leaking

C) Bilge pump suction filter cover gasket is leaking.

D) Fwd (s) Bilge well suction filter cover gasket is leaking


Q- An emergency diesel generator cooling system is equipped with an automotive type thermostat. If the thermostat bellows loses its charge, the thermostat will

a)open, and the coolant temperature will increase

b)open, and the coolant temperature will decrease

c)close, and the engine coolant temperature will increase

d)close, and the coolant temperature will decrease


Q- The turbocharger (constant pressure) is making "whoofing" noises. What might be the cause?

A Heavy seas from behind.

B A faulty turbocharger bearing.

C One or more leaking exhaust-valve(s).

D Strong current against

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