Marine Auxillary 2012 Objective Paper

Q- You must have worked with mooring winch and windlass hydraulic systems. The cooling of hydraulic oil for the above system on large merchant ships is provided by:

A. There is no cooling arrangement as the system doesnt require cooling

B. Air cooled hydraulic reservoir

C. Water cooled plate or shell type heat exchangers

D. Radiator and fan arrangement Answer-C

Q- Gudgeonpin bearings are difficult to lubricate because of their oscillating motion and__________

A. Their free- floating design

B. Their relatively small size

C. The reciprocating motion of the piston

D. Their position in the lubrication system


Q- The purpose of an air cooler in a supercharging system is to :

A. Reduce temperature of supercharged air in order to condense and remove maximum possible moisture from the air prior entry to the engine

B. Reduce the temperature of the supercharged air in order to increase the density & also to cool down below dew point to remove moisture from air prior entry to the engine

C. Cool supercharged air to increase its density such that the dew point is not reached to avoid entry of moisture into the engine

D. Cool supercharged air to increase its density and also to keep the peak temperature and exhaust gas temperature within limits


Q- Which of the following can lead to premature failure of roller bearings?

A. Misalignment

B. Contamination

C. Shrinkage

D. Over greasing

Answer-A,B and D

Q- When may the crankcase ventilation pipes or oil drain pipes of two or more engines be connected?

A. Propulsion engines under 1000 shaft horsepower may share a common crankcase vent provided the oil drains remain separate

B. In most cases it is desirable and cost effective for propulsion engines to share a common crankcase ventilation and monitoring system

C. No interconnection may be made between the crank case ventilation pipes or oil drain pipes


Q- you are pumping out sludge to a shore facility using your sludge pump. you find that the discharge rate of pump is very slow and suction filter is getting clogged frequently.what is the best alternative to counteract the problem?

• a.remove the pump suction filter and pump out the tank

• b. increase the tank temperature, keep an eye on the pump suction pressure and clean the filter as soon as it drops

• c. as soon as the as the shore facility tells you that they are not receiving any sludge, you stop the pump and clean the filter

• d. fabricate a bigger mesh size suction filter and use in place of normal filter so that frequency of filter blockage is reduced and you can get a better discharge rate


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