Marine Auxillary 2010 Objective Paper


Q- The cylinders and intercoolers of most low pressure air compressors are cooled by _____________.

A. water

B. oil

C. air

D. CO2


Q- The effect of excessive tappet clearance in 4 stroke auxillary engine-

A. Increased engine efficiency as expansion can take place for a longer duration and less energy wasted with the exhaust gases

B. Valve hammering, change in timing of exhaust with more side thurst causing greater wear between stem and bush

C. Loss in compression, poor combustion, improper mixing of fuel & air and gas gas leakage due to improper closing of valve

D. Turbocharger surging, loss of rotation of valve spindle and high exhaust temperatures


Q- Sequential starting of machineries after black out in engine room is necessary

A. To prevent overload of Generators

B. To quickly restore the failed power supply in order

C. To prevent damage to machinery which has been switched off

D. All of the above

Answer-A (because sequential starting is to prevent generator from overloading it has nothing to do with damage with machinery. it just starts the machinery in sequence which are needed first... preference... else bcouse if all r started once all the load will come on generator and it will get trip... as starting current is high for motors)

Q- Most steam traps respond well to cleaning. But when a thermodynamic trap fails to operate after cleaning, the next course of action should be:

A. Throttle the steam outlet valve

B. Renew the trap

C. Lap the disc and the seat of the trap

D. Throttle the steam inlet valve


Q- Over greasing Which of the following is NOT a true statement?

A. Butterfly valves are used for modulating flow and can be throttled

B. Globe Valves can be straight flow or angle flow type

C. Swing check valve will provide lesser resistance than same bore diameter globe type check valve

D. In a globe type valves, mechanical seals are used for providing sealing between the valve bonnet and the spindle

Q- Kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy in a turbocharger compressor by :

A. Combined diffuser and nozzle ring

B. Nozzle ring only

C. Combined diffuser and volute casing

D. Volute casing only


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