Marine Auxillary 2009 Objective Paper

Q- Vaccum evaporators onboard are tested for max vaccum by

A. pr. testing of evaporator shell

B. carry out leak test for distillate pp at sea

C. carry out leak test for vaccum pp and fittings

D. leak test evaporator shell

Answer-A and D

Q- The theoretical minimum compression ratio necessary to ensure compression ignition in a direct injection diesel engine is __________ .

A 10:01

B 12:01

C 08:01

D all of the above


Q- When both the steering motors are in use??

1) 12 nautical miles near port

2) pilot on-board

3) navigational prblm

4) all the above


Q- Subsequent to a oil spill in Engine Room and ingress of oil in the bilge wells ,the best course of action is to _______________________________

A.Use oil spill dispersant chemical in the bilge wells

B.Transfer the oily mixture and let it settle in the bilge holding tank/bilge separator tank

C.Transfer the oily mixture using a portable pneumatic pump to a waste oil tank and then physically demuck and clean the bilge wells using environment friendly cleaner

D.Dilute the bilge wells by flooding with water and then use the general service pump to pump out the bilges


Q- The muffling of exhaust gas noise in 4 stroke auxiliary engines in achieved by

(a) Allowing the gas to expand.

(b) Change the direction of their flow.

(c) Cool the gas with injected water.

(d) Cool the gas with scavenge air.

Answer-A and B

Q- Electric and electro-hydraulic steering gear motors are required by Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) to be _________.

A. protected by a circuit breaker set at 125% and a thermal overload device

B. provided with a running motor overcurrent protection device

C. served by a single two conductor cable

D. served by two feeder circuits

Answer-D (Because Steering gear motor do not have any trip for safety reason )

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