Marine Auxillary 2009 Objective Paper

Q- In case of failure of control air supply ,some valves continue locked in the position they were at the time of failure. They are said to be-


B.Fail –proof


D.Fail -blocked


(If you find some Questions are Repeating it mean that question repeats in the next year)

Q- Too high Calculated Carbon Aromaticity index (CCAI) of fuel oil indicates:

A. Reduced ignition delay

B. Increased ignition delay

C. Reduced chances of knocking

D. None


Q- The seating material for perfectly sealing type Ball valves is usually made up of

A. Rubber

B. PTFE or Nylon • •

C. Rubber reinforced with steel wire

D. Stainless steel


Q- F.O. transfer pump was working efficiently, but it stopped taking suction suddenly. There is a sounding of 6.0 m in the F.O. deep tank. The suction pressure gauge was renewed recently and is showing a positive pressure when pump is running, but Pump is not transferring any F.O. What is the most probable cause?

A. Pump is damaged and needs overhaul

B. Suction filter cover gasket might leaking

C. Pump relief valve might be leaking

D. The pump suction pipeline is blocked Answer-C (Because relief valve releases the excess pressure not full recirculation ....but sme amt will be transferred ....this was happend in my ship in LO PUMP)

Q- A high pressure differential in a main engine fuel oilfilter onboard can be best reduced by A. Back flushing the filter manually B. Stopping the main engine to change the filter element C. Changing over to stand by filter if provided D. None of the above

Answer-A (Because by changing on to the other filter u r not reducing the differencial pr in that filter element)

Q- When removing the cap from a sounding tube on a MODU, the sound of air escaping indicates _______________.

(a) the tank is full

(b) the tank may be partially flooded

(c) the tank level has dropped

(d) the tank is completely flooded


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