Marine Auxillary 2008 Objective Paper

Q- Frequent cutting- in & cutting -out of a fresh water pump on a hydrophone system indicates which of the following?

A. Nothing abnormal

B. Excessive air charge

C. Insufficient air charge

D. The differential setting between cut-in and cut out is too low


Q- In case of failure of the control system of a centrifuge,the correct sequence for manually desludging a purifier would be-

A.Stop feed-give sealing water-close sealing water -shut operating water-open and close desludging water quickly

B.Stop feed- shut operating water-open and close desludging water quickly

C.Shut operating water-stop feed- open sealing water for a short time then close-open and close desludging water quickly

D.Shut operating water- stop feed- open and close desludging water quickly


Q- The timing of the engine is delayed. The exhaust temperatures are high. How would you expect this to affect the turbocharger?

A Decreased turbocharger revolutions.

B Surging of the turbocharger.

C Increased turbocharger revolutions

D Higher air and gas temperature after turbocharger.


(Because if after ignition is occuring there will be more pr when the piston uncovers the ports hence more back pr where as the exh gases are not turning the turbine.(low exh) hence surging)

Q- What is the meaning of the term "valve clearance"?

A The clearance between the rocker arm and valve pushrod.

B The clearance between valve spindle disc and seat.

C The clearance between the rocker arm and camshaft pushrod.

D The clearance between the rocker arm and valve pushrod in either warm or cold state.


Q- Which of the following is NOT a true statement?

A. Butterfly valves are used for modulating flow and can be throttled

B.Globe Valves can be straight flow or angle flow type

C. Swing check valve will provide lesser resistance than same bore diameter globe type check valve

D. In a globe type valves, mechanical seals are used for providing sealing between the valve bonnet and the spindle


Q- What ensures correction axial location of a thin shell bearing in its housing, for correct alignment of the oil holes ?

A. The nip or crush of the bearing

B. Location tangs or pegs

C. Dowels or keys

D. None of the above


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