Marine Auxillary 2007 Objective Paper

Q- If a bilge pump is able to develop vacuum, but is unable to sufficiently pump out the bilges, you would check for ________.

1. the circuit breaker

2. for leaks in the suction piping

3. relief valve is not properly seated

4. the suction strainer


Q- Which of the following is the material used for manufacturing tube plates of a shell and tube type heat exchanger?

A. Cupro-nickel

B. Aluminum Brass

C. Admiralty Brass

D. Gunmetal


Multiple Choice Question

Q- Amount of distilled water produced in fresh water generator onboard decreases with

A. Increase in vacuum in the fresh water generator shell

B. Decrease in sea water temperature

C. Decrease in efficiency of heat exchanger

D. Increase in sea water temperature

Answer-C and D

Q- Which of the following is most suited to act as a deck air compressor?

A. Lobe type

B. Reciprocating type

C. Screw type

D. None of the above


Q- Which of the listed conditions can lead to cavitation in a centrifugal pump?

A. Vapor pockets formed in the suction flow stream

B. Rough casing volute surfaces

C. Worn wearing rings

D. Heavy fluid in the flow stream


Q- What is a function of the wearing rings used in most centrifugal pumps?

A. Absorb erosion of high velocity discharge stream

B. Seal pump shaft against entry of air

C. Isolate the discharge side from the suction side

D. Dampen the turbulent discharge flow


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