Marine Auxillary 2005 Objective Paper

Q- When centrifugal pump is overhauled it was found that shaft had developed grooves on it n no spare is available onboard what action can be taken

a. Order a new spare

b. Assemble the pump without doing anything n wait for the spare to arrive.

c. Machine the shaft sleeve on lathe n put back the new packing.

d. Leave the pump as it is


Multiple Choice Question

Q- Salinity of distilled water produced from fresh water generator onboard depends on

A. Amount of feed set in fresh water production

B. Amount of salt water leaking from condenser if any

C. Temperature of the sea water used

D. Efficiency of brine ejector from the evaporator shell

Answer-A,B & D

Q- Ballast pump injection filter was cleaned n the pump was lined up it was found that there was some leakage in the suction filter suction. The pump started n the leakage started. During deblasting it was found that the pump could not take suction fr one of the double bottoms. The cause could be

A) Pump was drawing air from outside.

B) Pump was drawing air from suction filter

C) One of the pipelines on the suction side of the pump might be leaking

D) The filter was not cleaned properly.


Q- Less vacuum in centrifugal pp

A leaky disch vv

B loss of gland packing

C loss of fluid frm suction take place

D long suction pipe


Q- Tube in air compressors , self compensating for expansion

a.Straight line tube

b.U tube

c.Coil tube

d.Floating tube


Q- What type of lubricating oils are generally used in auxiliary engines?

A Detergent

B Alkaline

C Synthetic

D It is not important.


Maine Aux 2006 Objective Papers
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