Marine Auxillary 2005 Objective Paper

Q-If the direction of rotation of a gear pump is reversed due to change in-phase sequence, what happens when the pump is started?

A. Direction of flow remains the same

B. The pump will get damaged due to overpressure on suction side

C. Pump relief valve will be lifted

D. The direction of flow will be reversed


Q-Which of the foll wl cause cavitation

a. Low discharge pressure

b. Throttling the suction valve

c. Low water level in the wet well

d. High discharge pressure


Q- In reverse osmosis type freshwater generator plants, pretreatment of the feed water is done to:

A. Soften the feed water

B. Sterilize the feed water

C. To facilitate wash through of salt deposits on elements

D. Add necessary minerals to the water


Q-Centrifugal pumps cannot handle air and require priming.But you are aware that centrifugal which on the same principal can handle air very well. Which two properties of air are responsible because of which the centrifugal pumps cannot handle air:-

A. Fluidity only

B. Density only

C. Both fluidity and density

D. Compressibility


Q- By which of the following is the attached vacuum pump of a ballast pump is driven?

A. Electrical motor

B. Hydraulic motor

C. Pump driven clutch

D. Pneumatically driven


Q- Why centrifugal p/p not provided with safety valve while positive displacement p/p Is provided?

a. c/f p/p shut down head is o

b. c/f p/p shut down head is infinity

c. c/f p/p is so designed that it can withstand high pressure

d. not sure)


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