Marine Auxillary 2005 Objective Paper

Q- During shutting down the purifier you find that purifier always vibrates heavily for some time and then becomes normal until it finally comes to a stop. What should be done to avoid this situation?

A. The purifier bowl should be cleaned before next startup

B. The brake should be applied so that the critical speed doesnot last long

C. Complete overhaul of the purifier should be carried out and the bearings need to be renewed

D. The bowl should be sent for balancing


Q-An auxiliary engine turbo-charged makes strange noises when the load changes. The engine parameters however are absolutely fine. An external examination of turbocharger parameters as stated in the manual also reveals nothing. Would you do

(a) Continue to run the engine and wait for some time

(b) Stop the engine for a while and make some checks

(c) Reduce the load of the engine

(d) Run it on steady load to make some checks.

(NOTE-this type of Question also asked in Exam just to check your way of thinking)

Q-Centrifugal pump will typically give you a low flow rate at a lower pressure, where a piston pump will give you more pressure and higher flow rate. Is the statement correct?



C. First Sentence is right. Second one is wrong

D. I Don't know


Q- Sludge pump suction pressure is going full vacuum when u start the pump taking water of double bottom tank suction u hv checked the suction filter n found in clean condition. Taking suction fr fuel oil sludge tank does not happen. Causes of the problem.

A) Pump is not working efficiently n reqd. overhauling

B) sludge tank suction valve is leaking

C) W.O. tank D.B. tank suction pipeline has a blockage.

D) Can ??? say what is the problem but definiterly the pump needs to b opened up for overhaul


Q- 3-ballast pump is being used to deballast a fore peak tank which is full. It is seen that suction pressure is positive and discharge pressure is very low compared to rated discharge head. It indicates that:

A. Pump is not operating satisfactorily and pumping capacity is too low

B. Pump is not operating satisfactorily and pumping capacity is higher than rated, throttling of discharge valve is required

C. Pumping capacity is not affected by suction and discharge pressures

D. Pump is operating normally


Q- In a reciprocating pump the direction of flow depends upon:

A. Direction of rotation of the pump

B. Position & fixing of suction and discharge valves

C. High pressure to low pressure

D. Whether pump is single acting or double acting


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