Internal Combustion Engine 2013 Objective Paper

117) Lubricating system for diesel engines are usually designed to initially provide lube oil to the engine

a)camshaft bearings

b)main bearings

c)piston crowns

d)cylinder walls


118) Mechanical lubricators for diesel engine cylinders are usually small reciprocating pumps which are

a)operated manually once each hour

b)operated until the engine has started

c)placed into operation only at maximum load

d)adjustable to meet lubrication requirements


119) Shacker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in

a)pre-injection fuel oil treatment

b)lube oil filtration

c)fuel oil purification

d)piston cooling


120) Fuel injector nozzles are usually of the multi-orifice type with the number and placement of the holes arranged according to the

a)type of piston rings

b)pressure of the fuel system

c)size of the pump plunger spring

d)design of the combustion chamber


121) What is the crank angle between any two crank throws in the firing order of a four-stroke/cycle, in line, eight cylinder diesel engine?

a)45 degree

b)60 degree

c)90 degree

d)100 degree


122) The main reason counterweights are added to crankshafts is to

a)reduce piston side thrust

b)reduce crankshaft end thrust

c)provide uniform loading and wear of main bearings

d)increase the strength of the crank webs


123) A viscous damper, as used on a marine diesel, is a sealed precision built device which dampens the torsional vibrations in the




d)thrust shaft


124) A crankshaft whose center of gravity coincides with its center line is said to be

a)dynamically balanced

b)statically balanced

c)counter balanced

d)resonantly balanced


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