Internal Combustion Engine 2012 Objective Paper

102) To minimize corrosion, fuel oil strainer disks, spacers and scraper blades are made of




d)monel metal or stainless steel


103) Which of the following statements describes the function of an expansion tank in a diesel engine cooling system?

a)Maintains a constant head on the system

b)Reduces the air cock when fires are lighted

c)Provides a low pressure point for the addition of makeup cooling water

d)All of the above


104) On a large diesel engine installation, crankshaft axial alignment is maintained by the

a)piston rod guides

b)engine thrust bearing

c)crosshead bearing

d)main shaft flexible coupling


105) Scavenging in a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine occurs during the

a)last part of the exhaust stroke, and the first part of the intake stroke

b)last part of the intake stroke only

c)early part of the injection stroke only

d)early part of the power stroke


106) In a large, slow-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, which of the parts listed is under tension when the engine is running?

a)Bed plate



d)Tie rod


107) The lube oil cooler is located after the lube oil filter in order for

a)the filter to operate more efficiently

b)the lube oil cooler to be bypassed

c)positive lube oil pump suction to be assured

d)galvanic action in the cooler to be minimized


108) In two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the process of scavenging begins as the

a)piston nears and passes TDC

b)early part of the upstroke

c)piston passes BDC

d)early part of the downstroke


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