Internal Combustion Engine 2012 Objective Paper

95) Main propulsion diesel engines having a bore exceeding 300 mm are to have at least

a)two independent means of starting the engine

b)five air starting valves to permit the admission of starting air at any crank angle

c)one (explosion relief) valve at the position of each main crank throw

d)two engine driven lube oil pumps capable of parallel operation


96) Integral water jacket liners use O-rings near the bottom of the liner, these O-rings serve to

a)form a water seal between the liner and engine block

b)allow for slight misalignment of the liner

c)prevent the escape of lubricating oil from the crankcase

d)ensure proper temperature flow between the liner and engine block


97) Telescopic pipes to the piston of a large slow-speed main propulsion diesel engine are designed to prevent

a)excessive crankcase pressure

b)excessive lube oil temperature

c)contamination of the lube oil by water

d)contamination of the cooling water by lube oil


98) A characteristic of a bearing material which permits small dirt particles to become embedded in the surface and is

a)desirable, as it will prevent damage to the journal surface

b)desirable, as it will assist in keeping the lube oil filters clean

c)undesirable, since the embedded particles will score the journal

d)undesirable, since the particles will interfere with lube oil flow


99) Most fuel injection nozzles are opened by

a)fuel oil pressure

b)a cam operated follower

c)a spring-loaded pressure plate

d)timing gears keyed to the crankshaft


100) Which of the following devices controls the discharge flow rate of an attached, positive displacement, rotary gear, diesel engine, lube oil pump?

a)A pressure regulating valve

b)A pressure relief valve

c)The engine speed

d)An orifice


101) The expansion tank for a diesel engine closed cooling system is designed to maintain a constant head on the system and

a)reduce water temperature

b)reduce water turbulence

c)provide an air cushion

d)allow for an increase in water volume as the engine warms up


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