Internal Combustion Engine 2009 Objective Paper

44) Before starting a diesel engine using an attached lube oil pump, the engineer should

a)open the bypass line

b)cut in the lube oil cooler

c)pressurize the lube oil system

d)top off the expansion tank


45) A diesel engine using lube oil with too high a viscosity will exhibit

a)increased starting difficulty in cold weather

b)increased oil consumption

c)thickening at higher operating temperatures

d)minimal friction losses


46) If the main propulsion diesel engine governor works irregularly with a jerking motion, a possible cause can be

a)a sticking fuel control linkage

b)a malfunctioning overload cam

c)an unlocked overspeed trip

d)floating valves


47) During extremely cold weather, while starting an engine, it turns too slowly and fails to start. This problem is most likely the result of

a)high fuel oil viscosity

b)low fuel oil temperature

c)high lube oil viscosity

d)energized glow plugs


48) Prolonged operation of a diesel engine with a closed cooling water system, at lower than normal designed temperatures can

a)increase power output

b)decrease lube oil viscosity

c)eliminate fuel knock

d)cause sulfuric acid formation


49) Which of the listed governor characteristics will greatly affect the load sharing relationship between paralleled diesel generators?



c)Speed droop



50) An emergency diesel generator cooling system is equipped with an automotive type thermostat. If the thermostat bellows loses its charge, the thermostat will

a)open, and the coolant temperature will increase

b)open, and the coolant temperature will decrease

c)close, and the engine coolant temperature will increase

d)close, and the coolant temperature will decrease


Internal Combustion 2010 Objective Paper
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