Internal Combustion Engine 2009 Objective Paper

32) The rate of fuel injection in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on

a)the size of the holes in the fuel nozzle

b)timing of the pump

c)supply pressure to the pump

d)shape of the combustion chamber


33) Which of the following devices is normally provided to prevent oil starvation in a diesel lubrication system utilizing the "full flow" principle?

a)Duplex strainer

b)Three-way valve

c)Pressure relief bypass line around the filter

d)Mechanical straining filter


34) A port-and-helix fuel injection pump having upper and lower plunger helixes is designed to

a)vary fuel delivery and return pressure

b)vary the beginning and ending of injection

c)operate with residual fuels only

d)provide maximum fuel delivery rate


35) One advantage of hydraulic clutches over mechanical clutches in diesel engine installations is

a)the power is transmitted at very high efficiency of 60%

b)the torsional vibrations are transmitted directly to the reduction gears

c)each clutch has a separate oil gland for reverse operation

d)no mechanical connection exists between the driving and driven elements


36) An individual injection pump is designed for variable beginning and constant ending of injection. For diesel engines operating at constant speeds, the start of injection will

a)advance as the load increases

b)retard as the load increases

c)remain unchanged regardless of load

d)always occur at top dead center


37) The amount of fuel injected in a particular time, or degree, of crankshaft rotation is termed



c)rate of injection

d)rate of distribution


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