Internal Combustion Engine 2008 Objective Paper

13) A naturally aspirated diesel engine at full throttle will have an intake manifold pressure

a)slightly less than atmospheric pressure

b)approximately equal to exhaust manifold pressure at all times

c)that is widely fluctuating

d)constantly decreasing as engine load increases


14) The output pressure of a diesel engine lube oil pump is regulated by a/an

a)relief valve

b)metering valve

c)variable speed pump drive

d)orifice in the lube oil header


15) An increase in the air inlet manifold pressure of a diesel engine will result in a/an

a)decrease in maximum cylinder pressure

b)increase in ignition lag

c)decrease in fuel consumption per horsepower-hour

d)decrease in exhaust manifold pressure


16) Maximum lube oil system pressure is normally controlled by

a)the capacity of the lube oil pump

b)the speed of the lube oil pump

c)the outlet pressure of the lube oil pump

d)a relief valve


17) Which of the following statements is true concerning an oil cooler?

a)The oil temperature is less than the cooling water temperature

b)The oil pressure is less than the cooling water pressure

c)The oil pressure is greater than the cooling water pressure

d)The magnets are installed to remove metal particles


18) The highest pressure in any closed diesel engine freshwater cooling system is at the

a)jacket water outlet

b)expansion tank inlet

c)heat exchanger inlet

d)cooling water pump outlet


19) Concerning diesel propelled vessels, the astern power is to provide for continues operation astern

a)equal to that available for ahead operation

b)at 70 percent of the ahead rpm at rated speed

c)while underway and under all normal conditions

d)at 70 percent of the ahead rpm of average continious sea speed


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