Internal Combustion Engine 2007 Objective Paper

7) Fuel oil is injected into the cylinder of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine during the

a)intake stroke

b)exhaust stroke

c)power stroke

d)compression stroke


8) A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine uses sea water to directly cool the

a)cylinder heads

b)exhaust valves

c)scavenging air



9) The total starting air capacity required for reversible main engines is to be sufficient for a least

a)six consecutive starts

b)eight consecutive starts

c)ten consecutive starts

d)twelve consecutive starts


10) The light and medium fuels utilized in internal combustion engines provide a source of

a)lubrication for pistons and rings

b)food for microbiological organisms

c)gases most detrimental to the ozone layer of the atmosphere

d)all of the above


11) Which bearing half will receive the greatest load in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?

a)Lower half of the connecting rod bearing at the crankshaft end of the rod

b)Upper half of the main bearing

c)Lower half of the piston pin bearing in the connecting rod

d)All bearing halves share an equal load


12) Maximum lube system operating pressure for a diesel engine is normally regulated by a/an

a)orifice in the pump suction

b)special filter design

c)pressure drop through the filter

d)relief valve


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