Internal Combustion Engine 2007 Objective Paper

1) Friction developing between the moving parts of a governor, governor linkage and control valve will cause the governor to

a)react with insufficient speed droop

b)fail to react to small speed changes

c)have excessive sensitivity to small speed changes

d)remain in the neutral position


2) A large change in ambient temperature, or using an oil of a viscosity different than the one recommended by the manufacturer in a mechanical hydraulic governor, will result in the need to adjust the

a)pilot valve opening

b)compensating needle valve

c)compensating spring tension

d)accumulator spring tension


3) Friction, engine wear, and oil consumption in a diesel engine are directly related to the

a)acidity of the oil

b)pour point of the oil

c)flash point of the oil

d)viscosity of the oil


4) When the prime movers of two paralleled generators, equipped with mechanical-hydraulic governors, are operating within their designed range, the unit with the least amount of speed drop will

a)pick up more of any increase in load

b)pick up less of any increase in load

c)share an equal amount of any increase in load

d)drop an equal amount of any decrease in load


5) Clearance volume scavenging in a turbocharged, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is accomplished

a)during the valve overlap period

b)with only the exhaust valve open

c)at a pressure below atmospheric

d)without cooling the cylinders or pistons


6) Trunk-type diesel engine pistons are most effectively cooled by heat

a)conducted through the engine block

b)conducted to water cooled cylinder walls

c)conducted through the piston crown

d)losses to escaping exhaust gasses


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