Internal Combustion Engine 2007 Objective Paper

Q- In case of failure of control air supply ,some valves continue locked in the position they were at the time of failure . They are said to be-

A. Fail-safe

B. Fail -proof

C. Fail-set

D. Fail -blocked


Q- How large a deviation in opening pressure can be accepted in a diesel engine injection valve?

A 15 kg/cm2

B 40 kg

C 50 kg

D 70 kg


Multiple Choice Question

Q- A high pressure differential in a main engine fuel oil filter onboard can be best reduced by

A. Back flushing the filter manually

B. Stopping the main engine to change the filter element

C. Changing over to stand by filter if provided

D. None of the Above

Answer-A and C

Q- The ash content of a fuel oil is significant to the operating engineer because it

A. is an indication of the amount of noncombustible material present in the oil

B. indicates the quantity of energy released by burning a unit amount of the fuel

C. is useful for determining proper atomization temperatures

D. reflects the overall thermal efficiency of the fuel oil service system


Q- In the Alcap principle of centrifugal separation______________________

A. Water is only discharged when desludgeing is activated by the control unit

B. The valve at the water outlet is opened periodically based on timer action

C. The valve at the water outlet is opened on the basis of signal of water content to the control unit from the water transducer at the clean oil outlet

D. The centrifuge works as a clarifier with no water outlet


Q- When main engine is running in emergency condition which of the alarm cant be bypassed.

A. LO low pressure

B. JCW high temp

C. Piston cooling water high temp

D. All


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