Internal Combustion Engine 2005 Objective Paper

Q- Which of the following will lead to automatic stopping of IG blower?

a. Low water level in deck water seal.

b. Oxygen content above 8%.

c. Low water level in scrubber tower.

d. High water level in scrubber tower.

Answer-A & C

(NOTE-this type of Question also asked in which may be two or more than two will be the right Answer in that case you have to choose the most Appropriate One)

Q-Which of the following will be required to be done in order to reduce sulphur corrosion of Main Engine components

A. Increasing the atomization pressure of fuel injectors

B. Fitting exhaust valves with valve rotators

C. Running engine at or near normal sea load

D. Decreasing the F.O. purifier feed rate , running two purifier in series one acting as purifier and other as calrifier


Q- Viscosity of fuel oil used for ME was 145cst,new fuel comes whose viscosity was more than earlier, what should u do

a) increase temp setting

b) change setting of viscotherm

c) do nothing

d) open steam valve manually more

Answer-Critical Question(it could be anything)

Q- Main engine is running but viscosity of fuel cannot be maintained.fuel oil heater have a maximum rating of 4 bar steam pressure.steam through a pressure reducing valve is provided to the heater at 4 bar but still viscosity of fuel annot be brought down below 20 cst. as a good marine engineering practice what will you do?

a. let the engine run at same rpm n wait for the port to come to carry out the cleaning of heater

b. reduce the rpm till next port arrives n then clean the heaters

c. increase the steam pressure by adjusting the setting of steam reducing valve

d. stop the engine n clean the heaters


Q-When one of the M/E.F.O. heater is not in use then

A) The F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut, but steam heating valves should b kept crack open so as to keep the heater warm.

B) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut n heating valves also should b completely shut n should b drained of any remaining F.O.

c) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept crack open so that the F.O. recirculation can take place.

d) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut while outlet valve should be left open so that


Multiple Choice Question

Q- Which of the following can lead to sudden stopping of a diesel engine?

A. Air in fuel supply line

B. Water in fuel supply line

C. Obstruction in air filter p>D. Water in the air filter

Answer-A,B and C

Q- In modern marine 2-stroke diesel engines, ________________ is sometimes used as a coating on the underside of the exhaust valve disc, to reduce the rate of hot corrosion

A. Monel

B. Chromium

C. Inconel

D. Cermet


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