General Engineering 2006 Objective Paper

Q- Which process is not done on mild steel.

A)hot plating


C)explosion bonding

D)metal spraying


Q- Which of the following statements is false about corrosion due to galvanic action?

A. Metals close to the anodic end of galvanic series corrode in preference to the ones close to the cathodic end.

B. When any single metal exists in a system, it cannot corrode due to galvanic action.

C. Zinc is anodic to steel and is often used as a protective coating

D. Corrosion rate is affected by temperature


Q- Dezincification of brasses may be prevented by introducing which of the following additives during manufacturing brass?

A. 0.04% Nickel

B. 0.04% Cobalt

C. 0.04%Arsenic

D. 0.04%Tungsten


Q- enlarging one tube end so the other end of another tube of same size will fit inside is termed as A belling B stretching C flaring D swaging

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