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Motor Nov 2011

1. In what means piston cooling by water is better than lube oil
a. better heat absorbing
b. sealing arrangements are easy
c. no leak problem
d. no need of adding additives

2. How many power strokes are available in the crank shaft for one rev of 8 cylinder 2 stroke engine.
a. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 16

3. T/c air side water washing is used to do in
a. Dead slow
b. Normal rpm
c. More than normal rpm
d. Stationary

4. In multi stage air compressor 1st stage suction valve leaking
a. continuous unloading
b. low air temperature

5. The advantage of expansion tank in j/w line
a. Increase the suction pressure
b. reduce the temperature

6. The reciprocating motion of the piston is converted into rotary motion in 2s engine crank by
a. piston rod
b. Connecting rod

7. position of the thrust block
a. aft side of m/e
b. in between fly wheel and intermediate shaft bearing
c. forward of M/E

8. Type of lubrication to the main bearing
a. hydro dynamic
b. hydro static
c. boundary lubrication

9.Spring provided in the valves are for
a. closing
b. opening

10. Excess carbon in the FO gives
a. suction strainer blockage
b. unburnt carbon deposit and acidification in exhaust & inlet valves

11. Which of the following is not available in 4s engines
a. Diaphragm
b. connecting rod
c. crank web

12. which of the following is taken in fuel cut off condition
a. draw card
b. compression card
d. power card

13. In hand cranked engine if starting rotation is less may lead to
a. less air temperature

14. If the LO PH value is 8
a. alkaline
b. acidic
c. neutral

15. starting air line explosion due to
a. leaky starting air valve
b. leaky exhaust valve

16. the rotation of cam provides
a. valve lift

General Nov 2011

1. Two wire slings to be joined to have more length
a. shackles can be used
b. put a knot

2. Shore persons are working on board
a. system to be isloated
b. all clerance to be given
c. one ship crew must available at all times

3. min. flash point of FO used for main engine
a. 60

4. How to test infra red detectors
a. Radio active
b. open flame
c. cigarette
d. hot air from blowers

5. waves crest in ends and trough in the middle of the ship gives
a. hogging
b. sagging
d. pounding

6. During painting smooking is not allowed due to
a. Thinner is flammable
b. person may inhale toxic gases
c. not allowed by rule

7. How the expansion is taken care in the shell and tube type heat exchanger
a. movement of tubes and expansion joint
b. movement of tubes
c. movement of expansion joint

8. which is dangerous while working in electrical system
a. wet hand

9. the type of thermometer is good for long distance remote reading
a. resistance thermometer
b. bi metallic strip

10.which material will give De-zincification with sea water
a. brass
b. zinc
c. bronze

11. Gun metal compositions
a. copper, zinc , tin
b. copper, zinc, antimony
c. copper, zinc, lead

12. For freon 22 gas what type of safety is provided in the compressor
a. high pressure cut out
b. low pressure cut in
c. high pressure cut in

13. The thermocouple working based on
a. cold and hot junction temp. difference
b. cold and hot junction Pr. difference

14. The initial vacuum is generated in FWG by
a. Air and brine ejector
b. flashing of water

15. Marpol Annex for sewage
a. Annex vi
b. Annex iii
c Annex iv
d. Annex v

Remaining questions are very simple.....
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