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#1 Posted : Monday, September 9, 2013 12:09:06 PM(UTC)
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Function 1 -

NE monsoon wind from NE current opp in eastern india coast why and in which place

in india exact location

why spheres are used not triangle rectancle ,circle

single red light

sailing vessel lights

trs avoiding action north and south hemisphere

complete procedure for star sight with calc

1. which all vsls dont show masthead light while making way?

2. which ram vsl doesnt show the usual red white red light,

n wut does it show instd?(mine clearance vsl)

3. mine clearance vsl grounded.....lights n sound signal?

4. bore tide?

5. factors which cause currents? wut is upwelling caused by?

6. why is the position line perpendicular to the azimuth of a celestial body?

I did stutter a bit at times but genuine guy......passed (or rather pushed) me

1) how will you take star sight in the morning,

2) how to use star finder,

3)what does a single red light means in ROR?

4) Which all ships do not exhibit mast head light?

6) NUC and RAM cards?

2. what is abnormal waves.. and what precautions will u take ..???

3. why PL is perpendicular to azimuth ..??

which is the area in India where wind Blows from One direction and current from opposite direction during NE monsoon?

heeling error &hw to correct on ship,he wants practical method

trs in a deep

why dangerous quadrant is dangerous.

fishing vessel &sailing vessel lights

which vessel dont show masthead lts.

more questions on magnetism.

Function: 2

1)if oil tanker have ODMCS for checking oil discharge what in chemical tanker you have to

check the discharge .he wanted to hear pre wash and other categories discharges as per PA


2)Types of different chemical tankers and categories of cargoes in details.....TYPE 1 2 3 and X Y Z and OS

3)different alarms on IG plant. what to do if high gas pressure alarms pop ups i.e..pv valve should cum in action ........ what

can be done if high gas temp alarms pops up...i,e, check scrubber water level and water temp....?

4)if sensitive chemical cargo is being carried and ig gas or flue gas cannot be used what other arrangements are there to

control atmosphere....... N2 generator

5)Both bulk carrier and crude oil tanker are in ballast state and ready to load cargo. differentiate their arrival draft survey. on

bulk carriers - what is constant and how to determine it. he does not wants the formula. on crude oil tanker why OBQ is in

volume not in weight. i.e. different density for sludge and water so cannot determine weight.....

6)EMS and its classes. how to find different EMS for various DGs.... i.e. dg list

7)What arrangement in gas tankers like PV valve in oil / chemical tankers.i.e. relief

valve for excess pressure.......but why not vacuum arrangement. i.e. in gas tankers there is no vacuum created.

8)both LPG and LNG are gases but why different types . i.e. Diff between LPG and LNG Gases

9)About MARVS in gas tankers.

10)What determines what cargo can the chemical tanker carry....i.e. COF

11)what determines that a cargo ship can carry IMDG cargo...i.e. is DOC issued on

what basis....i.e. fire fighting arrangement and the structural part....

12)timber cargo on deck why in slope in forward ...i.e. reduce head swell pressure on cargo lashing.

13) carriage of explosive in passenger ship....i.e. class1.4 and class S and remaining 10kg

and 50kg stuffs in details...

pv breaker & pv valve? chemical tanker? container code? imdg claas 1? stowage requirements of class 1? types of stowage.

1. information u will provide to terminal before loading cargo as per blu code.

2.stack wt, where will u find ?

3.difference between lng/lpg with example

4.subsidiary risk , class 8- subsidiary risk. will u calculate constant ?

6.difference between pv v/v & pv breaker

7.% limit of SF/BM in loadicator, sea condition /harbour condition, which one u will use during loading and

why ? 8.information form loadicator .

9.loadicator test .


Fun: 3

1. Hair line Crack on ship's hull. He asked reporting and how to prevent it from progressing

2.Contents of Quarterly reports sent by Classification society to ships

3. Checks on anchor cable in dry dock. How to determine whether can be used or not? What will you do if one

cable is not within prescribed strength, suppose spares cannot be arranged?

4. Crew indisciplined. How to handle as per MS act

5. Process for issuance of ISSC. Who prepares SSA and SSP

6. Who gives condition of class and when?

7. Contents of Survey document file. Who prepares it? What is Enhanced Survey programme?

what is bilge keel why is it fitted and where

what is coc and who issues if ur anchor is gone can u get coc if ur gangway is gone can u get coc

which statutory certificates have no expiry

during drydock what all plans are required explain each plan and what information u get from each

what is annex 6 and other than sox and nox what other gasses are there

what is ballast water management

crew disobedience what action which act

if tss is to be implemented who can do in india tell entire procedure.

4. if u have a freedom to choose a berth among two one of which lies to ur port and

another is on ur starboard which berth will u prefer , provided u r on a single screw

right handed propeller vessel and no current and no wind... and why

5. hw will u get ur ISSC cert. on a new ship ..?? who is RSO in India ...???

hw to get ISSC certificate on new ship


so many cross questioning on drydocking.

MSA act including disciplinary action

annex VI deep

enhanced survey plan

who prepare survey report file

last but not least on which i got blank what are the quartelry reports come on board frm company or shore.

he is a nice surveyor feel u comfortable before start taking oral.he ask mostly ques frm his sets but he wants

some specific answer tht u hv to find out.
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