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UK Tyne Master Oral Questions By Insan Khan on 16th August 2013
#1 Posted : Monday, November 4, 2013 3:21:53 PM(UTC)
Rank: Member

Groups: Registered
Joined: 9/25/2013(UTC)
Posts: 16
Location: Canada

Name: Hitender Kumar

Examination Centre: Tyne

Examiner: Insan Khan

Time Slot: 1330 Hrs

Date: 16th August 2013

Result: Pass

Attempt: First

Ship Type: Container

1. Briefing on the last vessel and asked me how long are you sailing as Chief Officer?

2. Joining last vessel as Master after getting briefing from office and arrived at gangway, how will

you take over?

3. Gangway / Accommodation maintenance, testing and regulation.

4. Procedure for testing gangway?

5. Who will carry out 5 yearly test on gangway?

6. After that went on top of gangway what will you check?

7. Then after that in master cabin what all certificate you will check as per Marpol.

8. After telling about Annex 1 , III, IV he asked about Marpol Annex V

9. what all document you require as per Annex V.

10. I told him Garbage Management plan, Garbage log book, Garbage disposal receipt and then he

asked what else - Garbage poster should be posted.

11. what is the discharge criteria for Marpol annex V?

12. If you are not enroute can you discharge food waste?

13. If you are at anchorage for long time then what you will do with food waste?

His first question was if you are not en route can you through the food waste? My answer was

- no . Then his next question was if you are at anchor for long time then what you will do with

food waste?? I told him that I will ask company to arrange barge or any other shore facility for

discharging food waste. Then he told me that there were no shore facility available in that port

then what will you do???? for this my answer was - I will through the food waste overboard if

it is posing serious threat to safety and health of my crew and will inform appropriate authority

and make entry in garbage record book. He was happy with this answer and moved to next


14. Then asked about certificate require for Marpol Annex VI

15. Sox regulation for NW European water?

16. After checking the certificates what else will you check?

17. After checking the certificate you found that SMC certificate is expiring in one month. How will

you prepare for survey?

18. How will you implement company SMS policy?

19. Bunker CLC . Who issue and validity?

20. You are joining as master after 20th August which new certificate you should have?

21. What are the new changes with respect to crew certification?

22. How is it different with respect to crew agreement? then had little talk about Seafarer

Employment agreement.

23. IS MLC certification is harmonised?

24. Harmonised with which all certificate?

25. Who issue these certificate? MCA i.e. ISSC, ISM, MLC - these all certificate are harmonised.

26. What is ISSC and how long is the validity?

27. What is the requirement for carrying out SSAS test.

28. Night 1 O'clock 2nd officer called you thick fog ahead. by the time went up on bridge vessel

collided with another vessel. what is you action.

29. What all reporting to be done?

30. MAIB requirement for reporting.

31. Have you read any MAIB report with respect to lifeboat accident?

32. Requirement for Lifeboat drill?

33. How will you conduct lifeboat drill safely?

34. As I told him guidance given in MGN 71 then he ask where else? Told him COWSP and MSN


35. What information you will find in MSN 1803?

36. What is dynamic winch break test?

37. How will you carry out 5 yearly dynamic winch break test and lifeboat test?

38. Maintenance on lifeboat falls / special attention to be paid on hard to reach area.

39. what is the requirement for PSC inspection under Paris MOU?

40. Can MCA carry out PSC inspection in UK for UK flag vessel?

41. What is alternative compliance scheme? Which all classification society can carry out survey and

issue certificate? He did not ask about all classification society but he wanted to conform that

you are aware that only few classification societies approved by MCA can issue the certificate.

42. what is laytime?

43. What is NOR?

44. what do you understand by NOR?

45. when you will issue NOR?

46. what do you mean by ready in all aspect?

47. If your berthing get delay who will be paying for it?

48. What will you do if charterer reject your vessel?

49. what note of protest and when you will lodge note of protest?

50. what is the difference between note of protest and letter of protest?

51. What is the letter of protest and when is it issued?

52. What is temporary contingency zone?

53. Your vessel is involved in collision at high sea. Where you can be prosecuted?

54. what is tort?

55. What if Master will do some willful damage? what is that called?

56. C/Off reported to you that while discharging one of the container is leaking. What you will do as


57. Buoyage time - Region A against the flow.....

58. What are the sign of TRS?

59. TRS is southern hemisphere, how will you come to know that you are in which semi cirle?

60. You are in navigable semi circle how will you avoid TRS?

61. Situations:

62. can you cross TSS? What does rule say?

1. Sailing vessel right ahead. Risk of collision exist- Action as per which rule..

2. Own vessel CBD - sailing vessel right ahead - action as per which rule.

3. Own PDV crossing TSS and sailing vessel on stbd bow following lane - risk of collision exist -

action as per which rule.

4. Own PDV crossing TSS another PDV in port bow following lane- risk of collision exist .

5. Own vessel following TSS sailing vessel crossing from STBD bow.

6. Narrow channel sailing vessel right ahead - Action

7. what are the signal for overtaking and what signal sailing vessel will give?

63. Radar plot : One vessel on port bow crossing from port to STBD. He asked me to alter course to

achieve CPA of 2.0'

64. After radar plot he showed me following lights:

• trawler - less than 50m in length.

• Vessel engaged in fishing with gear extending more than 50m.

• towing vessel - towing p'ly submerged object: Then he ask what lights and shape this vessel will

display for different length and breadth.

After that he gave me my NOE and told me you have done very well. Congratulated me.....

I would like to thank STC staff and all classmates for their guidance, support and advice.
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