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UK Tyne Master Oral Questions By Capt. Insan on 2013
#1 Posted : Monday, November 4, 2013 3:17:55 PM(UTC)
Rank: Member

Groups: Registered
Joined: 9/25/2013(UTC)
Posts: 16
Location: Canada

Name: Shadab Sawant

Examination Centre: Tyne

Examiner: Capt. Insan

Time slot: 1030 hrs

Date: 24th

Result: Pass


1. Briefing on the last ship.

2. Gave me an accident report, a vsl anchored and master had information for storm

in that area, he had taken extra precaution, port anchor slips and lost. Carry out

risk assessment if you as master was present in this situation what different would

you have done?

3. Joining as Master, on UK ship, what will you check as per

• MARPOL Annex VI?

• IAPP certificate

• IEEC certificate

• SEEMP (Pls. see the MGN 462)

4. What all things can you incinerate as per MARPOL Annex VI?

Should be as per manufacturer’s instruction, and will be mentioned on your IAPP


5. You’re going to Rotterdam, what will you do?

Check with chief eng for bunker with sulphur content of less than 3.5% m/m and

1.0% m/m for NW Europe and if the ship is in port for more than 2 hrs, should use

low sulphur content fuel of 0.1% m/m and the change over should be recorded in


6. What is MARPOL Annex IV?

ISPP (validity of the certificate) see MGN 385

7. Asked you have to load wood pulp, what precautions will you take?

As per IMSBC code, gave me IMSBC code and told me to find for wood pellet,

told him about precautions.

8. Tell me about hull stress monitor?

9. Recent life boat incident which involved 3 Pilipino?

Pls. go through the recent telegraph paper for the incident and MGN 445

10. What are the checks on the lifeboat?

Explain the Annual checks – test 5 yearly tests - Static / Dynamic (he prefers the

boat tested separately by shore crane using spreader and loaded to 200 %) MSN


11. Tell me about water ingress in life boat?

Pls. see MGN 464

12. Going for ISPS audit how will you prepare the ship?

Told him how you will go about it, what we actually do on board ship.

• All documents required.

• SSAS test carried out every 6 months and with Falmouth (for UK ships)

• ISPS drill carried out every 3 months

• ISPS exercise carried out every year

13. VDR audio fail what will you do?

Told him that will have to inform the owners to arrange the technician for

repair, and flag will also have to be informed. If PSC checks then it will be Non


April 2013

14. What PSC can give?

Observation, Non conformity, major Non conformity

15. Master’s Authority as per ISM?

16. PSC Inspection – New Inspection Regime (NIR) – MSN 1832, tell me abt it.

Classification of the vessels (LR, HR, SR), Conditions for deciding the risk factor

of the vessel.

17. Expanded Inspection – Which vessels are targeted and if any additional

requirement (72 hrs notice)

18. You go to European ports will the PSC inspect you?


19. You go to UK will the PSC inspect you?

No, as it is UK flag.

20. Certificate for LRIT, when it is issued?

On installation of the equipment, will get conformance certificate will be issued

by Application service provider on behalf of MCA.

21. Will this certificate remain valid for life?

When the ship changes flag, when the MCA has cancelled ASP’s recognition,

when the equipment is changed (Pls. see MGN 441)

22. BNWAS working?

It has 3 dormant periods, 3m, 9m, and 12m, master is authorized and has the key

to it.

E.g. suppose the system is set on 12m dormant period.

After 12m the light will flash for 15 sec, then buzzer will sound for 15 sec, then it

will sound in the master’s cabin for 30 sec, still the alarm is not reset then it will

sound in the next officer’s cabin and local place.

23. What will you do if your GMDSS equipment fails in the middle of the ocean?

Have on board certificate mentioned for duplication and shore based maintenance

(Pls. see MSN 1690)

24. What all checks can you do on Inmarsat C?

Normal visual checks, like battery, connections, power cable, (wanted to listen PV


25. What is Alternative Compliance Scheme, Conditions involved, what certificate


Pls. see MGN 345

26. Which certificated issued by MCA?

ISM (DOC & SMC), ISPS (ISSC), ILO report (the validity + if any required

surveys / verifications and checks made.)

27. What other convention coming into force similar to ILO ( MLC 2006 )

Pls. see MGN 448 (wants to listen about rest hrs.)

Original signed by master & crew and same filed with Master

Copy given to crew.

Shipboard working arrangements to be displayed

State hours of rest

Hours of rest for Young person + conditions of work.


28. New joiners – Polish 2nd

Polish 2nd

Certificates checked

COC – has to have a CEC, if not he should have a receipt of application for a CEC

– valid for 3 months



GMDSS GOC – the polish GOC Not valid.

Medical ENG 1 certificate (MGN that gives the list of country medical certificates

recognized my MCA)

Officer to have training for ECDIS Generic / Type specific



29. What you will do if ECDIS has to be used in RCDS mode?

Pls. see MGN 285

30. Tell me about water ingress system fitted on bulk carrier?

Pls. go through college notes

31. You have injured crew, and you have to evacuate him by helicopter?


32. What is hi line technique?

As per MGN 161

33. Can you sign him off?

Need to check for safe Manning document, and doctor has to certify him whether

he is fit or not, then only you can sign him off

34. What is collective bargaining agreement?

35. Your vessel is in collision with another vessel?

Obligation to other vessel

Vessel needs assistance – needs to go POR

Requirements for POR

General Average (conditions, is it applicable)

Salvage (explain Scopic clause, who can issue)

36. To whom will you Report

MAIB – Changes

What the reporting to be done

When does reporting have to be done (Pls. see MGN 458)

37. Master Role in collecting evidence

VDR, witnesses, statement of facts, log book entries, charts

38. TRS Southern hemisphere, evasive action?

Pls. refer to college Notes and NP 100

39. Navigation in ice and precautions?

Pls. refer to college Notes and NP 100

40. Effects of ice on Magnetic and gyro compass?

Pls. refer to NP 100

41. Vessel in a narrow channel and has to do emergency anchorage.

Types of anchorage (Standing and Running Moor)

Demonstrate Standing Moor

42. Buoy age region B against the flow

Port hand special mark, preferred channel to port, East cardinal, west cardinal,

Preferred channel to stbd, Isolated danger buoy

43. ROR Situations (note, ROC exists in all situation. Also always mention the duties/

responsibilities & possible action of the other vessel and then state the same for


44. TSS

Own vessel PDV crossing, Sailing vessel on own stbd side following the traffic


Own vessel PDV following traffic lane, Fishing vessel on own stbd side crossing

the lane.

Own vessel PDV following traffic lane, Fishing vessel on own port side crossing

the lane.

Sailing vessel in separation zone – Can it be there. (To avoid immediate danger)

Own vessel PDV following traffic lane, Towing vessel on own port side crossing

the lane.

Own PDV following the traffic lane, PDV on own stbd side crossing the lane.

Own PDV following the traffic lane, RAM vessel on own stbd side crossing the


45. Narrow Channel

Sailing vessel ahead, same direction as own. Own vessel PDV Overtaking.

Own Vessel PDV, RAM vessel on Stbd side crossing the channel

Own Vessel PDV, FV vessel on Stbd side crossing the channel

Own vessel PDV – CBD, RAM vessel on own stbd side crossing the channel

Own Vessel PDV, PDV – CBD vessel on Stbd side crossing the channel

46. Lights

• Y



Towing vessel and tow seen from stern

Further asked:

Characteristic of towing light

Day / night signal of a towing vessel + fog signal

• R

Sailing vessel seen from its port side

Further asked:

Additional lights (lights can be combined in one lantern or all round lights Red

over Green)


• G



Vessel engaged in trawling seen from its Stbd side

Further asked:

Day signal

Fog signal


• R




Vessel engaged in fishing, with outlining gear extending more than 150 mtrs,

Seen from its port side.

• G




Vessel engaged in trawling, either stopped or at anchor, shooting nets.

• R



Either vessel NUC seen from stern or Vessel less than 50 m in length aground

Further asked:

Action (Will reduce speed or take all the way off and investigate/access

the situation, as I will consider the worst case scenario of that vessel being


47. RADAR PLOT - 1 ( All Radar Plot Situations in Restricted Visibility)

Put 1 dot on the table and said that this is a Radar screen, tell me about the dot.

Own vessel heading 000 deg (T)


Said that this was a target but the information is scanty and will need more

observations – 2 more to get the OA line of the plot.

o O


o A

Now I have the OA line, what more is required to know the situation of the

plot? (Require W)

o O


o A

o W

Now stating that own vessel is overtaking the other, further asked what if;

o O



o W


o A

Head on situation

Now consider the head on situation, with own vessel and action – stated that, I

will alter to stbd as per Rule no 19 (told the relevant section )

Altering to starboard, to maintain a CPA of 2 nm, briefly describe how you

will go about it on the radar plot.

48. Radar Plot 2




Vessel on head on

49. Radar Plot 3

000 deg x 10 kts





Vessel head on, ROC exist. Spoke abt rule 19, the other vessel’s obligation and

possible action. Own vessel’s obligation and action.

Said would alter to stbd.

Asked the CPA I would maintain, to show the same with alteration on the plotting

chart, and the course to be altered.

Thanks to all the lecturers and college staff and also my friends ……………….
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