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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 26, 2013 1:19:31 PM(UTC)
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Examinee : Vinod Chahal
Examiner : Mr. Hussain

1. Departure checks
2. Generator Starting and Parralelling procedures.
3. Steering Gear Checks on Departure.
4. Compressor overhauling procedures.
5. How would you ensure motor is properly alligned?
6. How to change oil in sump of a compressor?
7. Oily Water Separator Diagram and explanation.
8. How would you pump bilges overboard?
9. Fire mains system diagram and explain.
10. Insulation Failure, Action.
11.a. 4 stroke, 2 stroke timing diagram and explain.
11.b. Overlapping period of valves, reasons for it and show it on the timing diagram.
12. How to ensure purifier is purifying the oil or not?
13. Emergency Fire Pump is not taking suction, during weekly checks, causes and actions
14. Boiler not firing, Causes and actions.
15. High chloride level in boiler action.
16. when we change compressor valves and how (procedures).

Examinee : Aresh Daruwalla
Examiner: Mr. Hussain

1. Bottom Platform checks (viscorator & setpoints).
2. Fresh WAter Generator Diagram & explanation.
3. Main Engine Lub Oil System (Diagran & Explanation).
4. What to do if 2/E asks you to clean up Sevice Tank ( Safety Precautions+Proper Procedures).
5. Air Compressor long running hours (Causes and actions).
6. Boiler Crossection diagram with mountings.
7. Load lines.
8. Remote temperature transmitter (working princilple).
9. Fire tetrahedron.
10. Timing diagram 2 stroke and 4 stroke, draw and explain.
11. Steering gear Diagram
12. What type of pump is used in Steering gear, what type of pump is servo pump -> whether servo pump is +ve displacement pump or not?
13. Start of generator.
14. How will you know purifier is working like a purifier and not like a pump?

Examinee : Tanuj Syal
Exainer : Mr. Hussain

1. Diesel Generator Startup Procedure.
2. DG one unit not firing.
3. Boiler Water feed pump Diagram & Overhauling
4. Draw screw pump, gear pump, centrifugal pump ( dont forget to show wearring in centrifugal pump and relief valve in +ve displacement pump)
5. Boiler Chloride Level High actions.
6. COPT starting Procedures.
7. Air Con Accomodation system - diagram. (Single duct or double duct arrangement).
8. How to stop referigeration system compressor.
9. How to change over refrigeration system compressor.
10. Crankcase and Scavenge space Inspection.
11. How to take LO sample.
12. How to ensure pump running properly.
13. Checks on Purifier.
14. Procedure For emergency steering.
15. What all Boiler tests are conducted.
16. Fire Safety in Engine room.
17. Air compressor Long running hours.

Examinee : Kenneth Anthony Karthik Das
Examiner : Mr. Hussain

1. Pre Arrival Checks.
2. Checks on Boiler.
3. Checks on DG.
4. Boiler Gauge glass diagram and explain.
5. Boiler Feed System.
6. Boiler Condensate system.
7. Boiler FO service System.
8. Boiler water Chemistry.
9.CO2 system Diagram. (fixed fire fighting system)
10. CO2 room weekly checks.
11. Main Engine Scavenge Fire, Causes, Actions, Inspection of scavenge space.
12. Generator Crankcase inspection.
13. Boiler Feed Pump Draw and overhaul.
14. Steering gear diagram.
15. E/R Crane, How will you inspect.
16. Bilge System Troubleshooting.
17. Vaccum Condensor Diagram.
18. Vaccum Condensor, vaccum not building up (causes and actions)
19. Vaccum Condensor Salinity high (causes and actions)
20. Earth fault Causes, How to rectify.
21. Diesel Generator paralleling.
22. Diesel Generator FO system, diagram and explanation.
23. Starting and reversing of main engine, draw and explain.
24. Fire Watch.

Examinee : Pradish Kumar
Examiner : Mr. Hussain

1. Describe a job you have done on a main engine unit (e.g. pradish described Piston Pullout)
2. Boiler Feed Water System draw and explain.
3. Cascade tank to cascade tank System, draw and explain. (this includes feed system, steam system , condensate or drain system)
4. Boiler water Chemistry.
5. Departure checks. (or preparation of engine for departure).
6. FO Purifying system, draw and explain.
7. Oily water Separator - Diagaram, explanation, working.
8. Black out Procedures.
9. Functions of watertight and weathertight doors.

Examinee : Santosh Manmohan
Examiner : Mr. Leong

1. Steering Gear Diagram
2. Boiler Crossection draw with mountings.
3. Bilge system Diagram and Troubleshooting.
4. Refrigeration system Diagram and troubleshooting.
5. Oily Water Separator system.
6. How to prevent fire onboard, with precautions.
7. Boiler Water Test.
8. Marpol (Annex 1,4,5,6)
9. Troubleshooting for refrigeration system
10. Main Engine Starting air System / Distributor diagram.

Examinee: Shaival Halve
Examiner : Mr. Leong

1. Inert Gas System. Oxygen content going up reasons and actions.
2. Steering Gear Diagram
3. Purifier diagram and explanation.
4. Bilge level not going down, causes and actions.
5. Main Engine Piston Crossectional diagram.
6. Boiler water treatmen -> and its 3 purposes.
7. Emergency Scenario Flooding.
8. Scavenge Fire Actions.
9. Safe watch.
10. Rotary cup burner diagram and explanation.
11. Purifier overflowing reasons.
12. y-jet burner diagram and explanation.
13. Incinerator unit cannot be burned.
14. Annex 1 regulations. (Marpol)
15. Fire Prevention - methods and regulation requirement.
16. Heavy weather precautions.

Examinee : Aeshwarya Agrawal
Examiner : Mr. Hussain

1. Bottom Platform checks.
2. Main engine Lub oil level drop down suddenly, Causes and actions.
3. Air compreesor Long running alarm, causes and actions.
4. Bilge Pump Long Running alarm, causes and actions.
5. Oil in cascade tank, actions
6. Main engine one unit high exhaust temperature, causes and your actions as an senior engineer.
7. Fuel injector crossectional diagram, draw and explain.
8. DG start up and parralleling procedures.
9. Fire tetrahedron.
10. Define and explain chain reaction.
11. Sopep regulations, Sopep kit contents.
12. Oil spill actions. ( Assume a scenario and then explain the procedures, with all the precautions)
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