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Captain P.K.C and M.K.D 2011 and 2012 Mumbai Deck Second Mate Orals
#1 Posted : Friday, September 20, 2013 3:19:47 PM(UTC)
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How many bulk cargo codes are there?

Boil off & boil over difference. Which gases are subject to boil off?


Fixed fire fighting in pump room?

Fire fighting eq in pump room ?

FWA? Can it be measured?( here he didnt want the formula for calculation)


How will unstable vessel behave in seaway?

Gun tackle?

Galley ffe?

When can lifeboat be used as rescue boat?


Where is ensign hoisted?

Hw will u salute a naval vessel?

Q. 4 Action when Manoverboard.

5. Difference between underway and making way?

6 Sart requirement. What does Sart give?

7 Types of EPIRB.

8 Azimuth and Amplitude

Cards towing vessel, mineclearance vsl, pilot vsl engaged in piloatage duty n lights during anchor, region

B port hand bouy, dredger, aground vsl.

Func 4 : flag F,D,X,Z,W,K,M n der meaning, purpose of answering pendant......

Func 1:- ROR cards, diff btwn azimuth & bearing, Noon posn without plotting, why long by cron not


Func2:- what can all we do with an oil tank?, container no custom seal what to do??

Define purging(But he didnt accepted the defn as given in ISGOTT also i duno why)

Func 3:- working of HRU, Pyrotecs in SOLAS Pack B, EPIRB types n how it works, LUT in india where??N

whats the MRCC in india(LUT-Bangalore, MRCC- Coast Guard)

working of HRU, Pyrotecs in SOLAS Pack B, EPIRB types n how it works, LUT in india where??N whats the MRCC in

india(LUT-Bangalore, MRCC- Coast Guard)


Pkc function 1

cards tow,f.v, s.v,mine clearance,s.v, trawler

how to calculate compass error on ship,

gha, lha

Fxn 3

content of sopep, trim table,scba test,

what is the special duty assigned to rescue boat during abandoning ship?

working procedure of SART,IAMSAR

Pkc fxn 1 cards pilot,tow,fv.ram..etc. Wy long by chron preferd,cbd define,gyro error finding method.

Azimuth n amp method explain.rv take ovr watch

Fxn 4

Flags identify,use of answrng pandnt,total no of flag,many vsl @ anchor u want to comunicte 1 n u dnt

knw d cal sign. By light n flag hw wld u.

Fxn 3

Tpc, reserve buoyancy,imersn suit n tpa diff. N req. Hw wil u diff. Visualy,sart epirb type n hw distres is

sent via ebirb,sopap n smpep. Sopap plan ,lb req short int. Voyage.b clas fire door.unstable equilabrium.

Hw vsl wil behave. dats much i rembr .

fn 1 .100m vl aground tell all the lit signal, day signal,sound signal,rv signal.........fn.2 how in ups the

hook is connected,,whats the name of that system,,,what iis tank scope...hw to locate a container


fn 3....sheer strake,, hw strakes r numbered,,,amount of fuel in life boat of a passenger ship,,,marpol ann

1 discharge criteria for tanker cargo space,,,what does this mean *100A1,,,vl 200m req. of lb.,,lr,,

fn 4..morse code for decimal,,,tackline definition & draw sketch to show where it is used,,,,

Func 1

1. Cards about 10 to 15

2. Region A preferreed channel to stbd

3. iamsar vol and use of iamsar in mob

fun1 cards amplitude n azimuth iamsar marsar. dat`s it. fun 3- epirb sart n sme practical question unstable equilib

Fun 1,: amplitude & azimuth, making way, undr way, echo soundr suddnly show zero reading, his favourate cards, pkc

functn 3: epirb ,sart, fixd fire fighting, fwa, calculated or measurd, deck line location, resue boat, special duty to rescue boat

in distress. Fire pump requirmnt, tpc,mctc,

fn III

hyd draft, shell expansion plan, gardboard strake, sheer strake, margin plate, how strakes are numbered,

lbp, l/b req for passenger ships engaged in short international voy, all amendments of marpol, angle of

loll-how to be sure that ship is at angle of loll or list, correction of angle of loll.......


captain mkd....24 aug


heeling error &hw to correct on ship,he wants practical method

trs in a deep

why dangerous quadrant is dangerous.

fishing vessel &sailing vessel lights

which vessel dont show masthead lts.

more questions on magnetism.

function 2:------------------

Lng &Lpg

pv breaker & pv valve

chemical tanker

container code

imdg claas 1

stowage requirements of class 1

types of stowage.

function 3:-------------------------

hw to get ISSC certificate on new ship


so many cross questioning on drydocking.

MSA act including disciplinary action

annex VI deep

enhanced survey plan

who prepare survey report file

last but not least on which i got blank what are the quartelry reports come on board frm company or


function 1...........

symbols of mosque temple.

drawn light house....... if its height is 100m then from where u will calculate its height (water level)

what is chart datum

what is the formula to calculate amplitude and its derivation and when u will take amplitude

function 3.......

ship length 200m short voyages criteria for L/B,L/R,R/B n life buoy

marpol annexes n latest ammendments to annex 6

co2 fixed extinguisher criteria

what is sheer strake n sheer

function 4........

draw answering pendants n its meaning, numeral 3, flags n meanings

how will u show vessel speeds 20knots n 20km/hr

contents of international codes of signals and compliments of medical section.

ur ship is sinking with 23 crew how u will inform crs by R/T call

Q ask by mkd fun. 1. ror cards red light, in almanac wt is mean by rectangular shape n 4 slash , fishing

vls 120m at anchor wt all the lights to be shown, ror annex 1 etc etc .. fun. 2. imdg cls, hold preparation

for loading of salt, ens, cow wt r the things u will check during cow, subsidiary risk, why we shouldn't

lower ullage during cow, lashing material for timber? fun. 3. wick link, foam applicator , wt we should

check all in scba before entring into enclosed space, intact buoyancy, location of life raft stabilizer n how

it look like, certificate for annex 2 , name all convention ......

1 tide what is spring tide what is neap tide

2 where you can get wether information on board

3 which all mssgs in navtex you cant delete

4 you r doing costing and on watch around 12:30 in night you get the call from engine room that they

will stop engine after 10 mint what action you will take

5 you received bell onboard what you will check on that

6 ram v/l that not show ram light


full procedure of starting emergency fire pump by hand

req of liferaft,lifeboat,immersion suit

no. of eebd required on passenger ship

req. for using lifeboat as rescue boat

lifejacket req. and hw much tm will its light will work

fun 4

flag m,v with meaning

hw to show distess by flag

Function I

Drying height wid symbol

fishing v/l at anchor lenght 120m what all light she will shows,

two white mast light horizontal dist b/w them,

in sextant types of mirror & differences b/w them,

why we take wet & dey bulb temp & its uses on container ship( since i hv sailed on container),

why always minus sign correction in std port while calculating tide ,

Function II

IMDG Classes,

What is subsidiary risk,

Container code,

Preacations & Prepartion while loading salt cargo,

Brine Traps,

Various alarm associated wid I.G.System,

What is inert gas,

Function III

What is Intact buayancy?,

Checks & alarms of SCBA,

Faom applicator its working,

ISC how to use,

Rescue boat requirements,

Weak link,

L/Raft servicing period,

Imersion suit carrying requirment for rescue boat, its engine fuel capacity in hours,

Annex II what all certificate & documents u will carry,

7 mineclerence v/l aground more than 120 mtrs which light it will show

8 rv situation a vessel just on your stern nd cpa decreasing what action you will take

9 you see a white light on your stb bow identify the v/l and action


marpol annnex 1 disch criteria of machinary spaces

marpol annex 2 certificates and it validity

marpol annex 4, disch criteria in port.

requirement of immersion suit

rescue boat

scba............demand valve test

eebd.............requirement and duration

working of hru

function of weaklink

lifebuoy req for 150mtrs


fun 1 chart symbol wind mill,rock awash at chart datum barometer correction,in sextant howmany

mirror,mirror r same or different & mirror name,satuation in r v ryt ahead vsl take action,single white lyt

right ahead {he want ans frm single white lyt ror card],two red lyt in stbd bow take action,fishing vsl on

port bow action,ecdis 1.chart symbols of rock awash with chart datum and rock wash below chart datum

foul ground, dry height ,nipa palm...can foul ground is safe for navigation

2.why do we calculate dry bulb and wet bulb...

3.ror situation of sailing vessel and fishing vessel vessel more than 120 m is aground..... what light she will exhibit...

5.why dangerous quadrant is danger for navigation

6. what is heeling error how u will correct it practically...

7. one all round whitelight on ur star board bow in clear visibility roc exist take action

8.condition of midnight sun and twilight all night.

9.why amplitude of moon is not taken

10.annex 1 his favorite question to decode vertical space n horizontal space b/w lights

12.principle of sextant and diff. bw index glass n horizon glass

13. how the coastline is prepared.....

14.barometre error and who will correct index error.

15.he prepare his own situation of ror........

Dryng height symbol,nomonic chart(draw),lights of partly submerged body,lights of fishing vessel

aground,what all vesells will not show masthead light(name only),tide calculation procedure,distance

between masthead light,card:1 all round white light,situation:fishing vessel on your port side crossing

you are nuc take action FUN:3 annax 2 ,document certificate, weak link, hru, automatic release of liferaft,

scba checks, imo conventions,

heeling error how to corrrect ship

why dangerous quadrant is dangerous

which v/l dont show mast head lyt

fishing n sailing v/l lit

ship's magnetisming

fishing vsl @ anchor 120 m , wat lit?

ROR annex

drying ht wid symbol

horizontal seperation of various lits

in sextant types of mirrors n difference

seasonal correct. of tide ..why (+ or -)

why we take dry n wet bulb temp?

tidal zone

quadrantle sphere in magnetic compass

funct. 1

1 - which vessel TSS not apply

2 - make gonomic chart from 30 north to 30 south

3 - part 1 apply to in which visibility..

4 - how u over take in narrow channel..

5 - what signal gives in overtaking in rv in narrow channel

funct - 2

1 - hold preparation

2 - what happens in coal cargo at when spontaneous combustion takes place.

Funct 3

1 - scba test

2 - epirb , how u identify which vessel in distress.

3 - water borne life raft pocket

4 - it is filled with air or water
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