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UK Master Oral Questions By A Thomson on 2013
#1 Posted : Monday, November 4, 2013 3:20:13 PM(UTC)
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Joined: 9/25/2013(UTC)
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Location: Canada

Masters Orals

Mark Trembling Ship Type: Class I Passenger Vessels

Examiner: A Thomson

I can never remember all the points discussed but I will try and put in as much as I can. After celebrating last night I

think I have lost half of my brain cells.

• Last ship discussed

• What is a “passenger”

• What size lifejackets do we have onboard

• What is an “infant”

• What is a “child”

• What about larger passengers. Anything special for them?

• What makes a Class I vessel a Class I vessel? What are the different types of Passenger vessels and discuss

the differences.

• SOLAS certificates required for Class I passenger vessels?

I reeled off all the usual ones and mentioned the ILO inspections to which he brought up the MLC. He wanted to

know what changes the MLC will bring with it? What is the MLC? Why would change a Masters work load? How will

it change processes and procedures? Why is it important? Although I didn’t look at my watch I feel we were talking

about the MLC for at LEAST 30 minutes if not a little more. I really didn’t know what he wanted but I say saying

everything I could think of. I was struggling to say the least and so he started asking questions relating to MLC such

as the current sign on procedures, current agreements available and everything attached to signing on which was

easy. Then we went on to Certificates. He then put everything I had said together and filled in the gaps. He was very

keen on the subject matter and I was very happy to listen to him for 5 minutes discussing it with me.

• Went back to signing on crew members, what certificates would I expect a 2nd

• Emergency situation was fire in the Engine room. Actions etc.

• Explain Hi-fog systems. How they work, what they do, minimum time they must run for, water supply, back

up etc.

• Explain CO2 systems. Asked about hi or low pressure. How it works. The % required for the system to work.

How to secure the space for use. Will it be gas tight

• How long I would wait before re-entering.

• Explain risk assessment. When and how it is used.

• What about risk assessment on the bridge. How it relates to navigation. Explain with examples. Passage

planning. Is it a risk assessment? What are the risk factors?

• What is an ECDIS? Is it your vessels PMN? What must a 2nd

• What are the Masters responsibilities with regard to the SMS?

• How do your crew use the SMS system?

• What reviews are made of the SMS system?

Not much for ROR and lights. All of it was focused on actions of a stand on vessel and restricted vis. First of all I was

called to the bridge by the OOW who said a crossing vessels isn’t complying, we are stand on, they are give way

vessel. What are your actions as Master? Then I was following a TSS with a CBD on port side far away. Action? All

good, then he moved the situation a lot closer, risk of collision and I’ve just been called by the OOW again. Action?

What would I expect the CDB to do? Then we talked about Restricted Vis. He seemed happy enough so gave me a

radar plot to complete and left the room. 2 vessels both on my Stbd side. One CPA of Zero, the other passing down

my Stbd side at 2 miles. Action and discuss what the other vessels would do. Oh and I also had to give the other

vessels course, speed, CPA TCPA etc. He was happy with my answer so said “I think it will be a pass Mr Trembling”

Thompson was fair and reworded the questions when I got stuck which was a big help. Thanks to the all the

lecturers, but especially Colin with his “buzz words” and “a Captain works on facts”, (Thompson liked that!) and



April 2013

Mate and a cadet to have

officer have to use it?
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