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Date: 23rd May’2013

Examiner: Capt. Alec Keep

Candidate: Vikramaditya Khanna

Examination Centre- Crosby, Liverpool


Time: 1030-1120

Result: PASS

1. How do you go about loading of a tanker? Requirements of I.G and working of I.G plant?

2. As a chief Officer how will you go about loading of a Container vessel, and Classes of IMDG.

Marking’s on a Container carrying dangerous Cargoes.

How will u know that if a container is leaking during your sea passage if it’s carrying dangerous cargo or not?

3. Why is the purpose of a triangle marked on Bulk carrier?

4. As a chief Officer what are your actions when vessel runs aground?

5. Healy lifts precautions?

6. Entries of Official Record Book on UK flag Vessels? Master doing inspections of Galley and finds that fruits are contaminated because of Bacteria from meat.

What can be done to prevent it?

7. Intact stability Criteria (Only GM)?

8. What will u find in steering gear room on a large bulk carrier? He wants to know the parts of steering gear?

9. After bunkering what will chief engineer get?

Told him Bunker delivery note

Then he asked contents of bunker delivery note.

SOX requirements for ships?

10. All certificates and their surveys?

11. Contents of IOPP Form A&B both?

12. Actions when vessel encounters fog bank?

13. Fixed fire fighting systems in engine room?

14. How often free fall lifeboats are lowered as per regulations?

15. Ballast water exchange and methods?

16. Vessel underway and suddenly experiencing vibration? What is the reason? And then he asked me how can you reduce the vibration to the vessel?

17. Equipment’s ( Doppler log, Echo Sounder)

18. How often do you do Radar performance test and how do you do it?

19. MAIB and where it is located?

20. How do you obtain Gyro error? Explained full procedure with formula’s

ROR and Buoys

1. One vessel on 10 degrees abaft the stbd beam.

2. War ship overtaking from stbd side?

3. Same vessel now crossing?

4. TSS how will you join the lane.

5. TSS one red light on stbd bow?

6. East cardinal mark and heading 179?

7. Region –B Preferred channel to stbd?

8. Radar plotting one vessel on stbd quarter?

9. Radar plotting gave 3 blips, told to complete the plot and also gave ruler and compass and then takes action. Target was on port bow?

This was the last question and he told congratulations and you have passed.

A big thanks toMr. Farhaan Saeed

shekhar,Antar,Anas,Aafaq and all my batch mates.

And all staff members of LJMU

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