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Date: 04/June/2013.

Surveyor: Capt. Andrian Tyson.

Time: 1030 – 1157.

Centre: Hull.

Result: Passed.

Vessel: Chemical / Oil Tanker.

IALA Buoys:-

Heading North – With the Flow – Description & action.

Then he started with Collision Regulations, in this part explain him the situation as per this rule, what is the action you are going to take as per which rule, any day signal of that vessel and Fog signal.

He will be much impressed if you quote you the rules while explaining him the situation, otherwise when he will tell you to quote the rule he may as you the meaning in tricky way which you might get stuck even after you all your stuff.

Asked definition of NUC and CBD also asked what are the situation vessel can be NUC – then situation will M/E failure, Steering failure, sailing vessel without wind, vessel at anchor but anchor is dragging or any failure of equipment or machinery which leads to fail M/E and steering failure.

Vessel on your port side asked what type of vessel.

So it is power driven vessel bcoz not having any day signal. After that is crossing situation – so explain him I will take series of compass bearing as per rule 7 and quote the rule, later In this part try to quote all the rules applying so in later stages he will never ask to quote rules. In this part rule no:15, 16, 17, 18, 8 part b & d applies…so quote those parts only not all the rule..

PDV overtaking PDV , Quote the rule 13 part a,b

Same situation overtaken vsl alter course towards overtaking vsl – Quote him rule Overtaking part-D, So still overtaking vessel responsibility to keep clear

Head on situation of 2 PDV vessel on your stbd point 1 --then Quote the rule 14 part a,b

Head on situation of 2 PDV vessel on your port point 1-- I told him the same alteration to stbd and pass port of the other.

V/l on 6 point stbd bow, action—In this situation be careful you will maintain course and speed as this is no situation bcoz I explain him by aspect of the vessel she will pass astern of me…

Asked me to quote rule 10, I stated he stopped me at 10 part c

TSS vessel on port bow – I explain him as per rule 10c, 10a, 15,16,17a(I,ii)

Own vessel CBD other RAM right ahead , action—In this situation as per rule 18 part d quote you will reduce speed as per rule 8 part e and still he says collision exists then you say him I will take all way off… I will call Master. His main intention was to listen call master….

He told me master is dead then I told him that CBD doesn’t mean that it will follow the same line I ll’ do chart assessment see appropriate depth in relation to vessel draft start the engine and pass well clear of RAM vessel.

You are in TSS in appropriate lane you see vessel right ahead – I explain him I will indicate him by hoisting flag YG and if still not taking action I will attract her attention by sound signal and inform master and alter course to stbd at small angle go in ITZ clear the situation and join the lane at small angle.

F/v gear extended gear crossing from STBD side-action gear is extended stbd side IDENTIFICATION ON SMARTY BOARD

Trawler right ahead – explain him it was not making way through water the he asked me anything else I told him stopped or at anchor.

V/l a Ground right head seen from astern and NUC seen from astern, length, fog signal and action – In this situation tell him two possibilities and say him sir am more concern with aground vessel accordingly action

Overtaking in narrow channel – quote rule 9 part e

Dimension of day signal cylinder, diamond

Suddenly he told me you are encountering thick fog and your AB reported you that can’t see the forward mast action. Explain the fog checklist.

He kept a RADAR plotting sheet in front of me so don’t go directly for taking action of that sheet.

Course 355 and one target on stbd bow, target two on stbd beam and third target on port quarter.

Broad Alteration to stbd as per rule 19 d(i) quote the rule.

How much is broad alteration.—about 60 to 90 degree.

After one hour your radar screen is clear and you hear the fog signal on your stbd bow action. Explain him the rule 19 part e and inform master and take the action as per rule 19 e.

Finish with ROR.

Handing over C/O---BE PRACTICAL

Dry docking,

P force

Critical instant

What survey r done in dry docking

What you will check in dry dock after docking. I explained him everything but at end he want to listen when in doubt I will refer to master as he is more experience than me.

Everything about SEC certificate validation of certificate survey period, equipment’s contain of certificate.

Crew work/ rest hours, Young persons work/rest hrs

New regulation relating to use of chemical and biological agents – then explain him as per MGN 408, 409 requires risk assessment.

New regulation working aloft…if he ask is there any new regulation regarding work. Anything above your hand reach is working aloft he wants to listen that

What is risk assessment, what is hazards, what is risk, what is control measure.

Calling Master Criteria all points as par STCW and BPG

Davit launch life boat drill frequency

Fire fighting drill frequency on board

Fire in galley you hear alarm at 10 pm action.—check communication with bridge and everything what you do in drill be practical and inform everything to master eg. Boundary cooling, isolation of vent, dumper, electrical circuit, and inform master, BA set check pressure in bottle , person rank and name ready for entry and prior to entry in to space take permission with master also inform him the bulkhead temperature by touching it and any smoke is there.

Merchant navy code of conduct -- Bosun report to you one of AB refuse to work, Action—CODE OF CONDUCT PARA-9 AND 10

You are on bridge watch morning 4 to 8 see you AB sleeping on the watch action.

Content of SMS document.

Prior to loading checks.

Got loading orders and cargo list for loading – check with certificate of fitness and compatibility with coating and then prepare plan accordingly.

How will you do the tank cleaning on chemical tanker.—check the pervious cargo and next cargo to be loaded in the tank and refer the tank cleaning guide and vessel procedure and arrangement manual.

Content of procedure and arrangement manual.—tell him everything but he want to listen that it should be approved by the MCA.


Special thanks to Manish yadav, Mandeep singh and Mithesh lama to give me the moral support and help me in all aspects of the study.

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