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Date: 13/06/13

Time: 11:00

Exam Length: 55mins

Result: Passed

Candidate : Ravi S Tejwani

Examiner: Captain Shaw

Location: Southampton

I arrived early and took a seat in the reception area of the Marine Office. Once the examiner had completed the exam for the previous candidate he came and grabbed my discharge book and told me he would be with me in few minutes. Shortly after he asked me to come into the exam room, I was counting on time and was already 15 minutes late on start, I took a seat and he briefly explained what the exam would involve and that the different aspect from previous exams would be that I should answer as the master and therefore won't be able to call the master when in doubt.He briefed me the previous candidate was a girl of OOW and called Master always in doubt. He confirmed with me that my experience was all on General cargo and Container ship so he would keep me engaged as a Master on a Container vessel.

At that point we fired into the questions, at no point did we go into major detail he just wanted to hear certain things and ensure I was confident and safe. Some questions were quick with bullet point answers and some were more like discussions of a subject. The questions and answers may differ slightly from what happened but I have tried to remember the major questions and tried to describe how I answered them.

1. Started with you joining as master without a master on board or any of his handover notes – Explain how do you go about? Master is medically hospitalized and you have to take over at Algeciras as my last ship ?

2. What all certificates on board ? 50% of the crew change in port and how will you go about ?

3. New 2nd Officer joining a ship , what all documents will be checked and how will you go about?

4. Importance with Drill and why you will conduct ? What all you know about drill ?

5. What is safety familiarization ? How and what all does it have?

6. Crew agreement? Engaging young person on board ? procedures ? Rest hours and hours of work ?

7. Official log book entries ? Master’s duties?

8. MLC 2006 – Do you know anything about it ?

9. What will you do about health and safety of your crew member on board ?

10. What is ISM and why do we need ISM on board ? Explain any 2 actual places where ISM code applies on board ? He was not interested in paper work certification training and drills ! He was keen on Risk assessment – Enclosed space /Hot work permit ? Procedures during Bunker operation ?

11. Preparation for loading with IMDG cargoes and what will you as master check ?

12. Secure to sea – preparations !

13. Security at Port and implementation of ISM on board ! Various security levels and difference between Ship’s security officer ,DPA and Company security officer .

14. He went on with you sail of port and find a stowaway on board ? Duties of Master after stowaway is found on board ?

15. Master pilot exchange on bridge ? Assured I knew if weather not good and berthing needs to be called off what will I do – Heavy weather precaution.

16. Free surface effect ?

17. Masters knowledge in Stability of vessel ? GZ curve with all markings? Angle of loll ? Angle of list ?

18. Damage stability affect your ship !Contents you find in a Stability booklet ?

19. Prepare vessel for Dry dock ? Documentation ? Certification renew and your duty as a Master ?

20. What do you know about Ballast water management ? Explain Ballast water management ?

21. What is Marpol and please explain importance to Annex I ,V and VI. He wanted Annex I in special area and outside special area , Restrictions ? Oil record book ?

22. Breach of Merchant Navy code of conduct – Chief officer has got an complain for an AB – Please explain as what will you do ?

23. Departure preparation of port and Preparation of engine room watch? Chief engineer tells you his third engineer was drunk and was unable to come for duty ?

24. Importance on your Standing order on Bridge ? How will you prepare your standing orders?Brand new third officer joined and how will you judge him with his work ?

25. There was a Magnetic compass there in the room and he asked me tell me what all you know about the magnetic compass? Deviation curves for Coeff B and C? variation ? Which one will you correct first ? heeling error bucket ?

26. What would your handing over contain when you plan to be signed off. Signing of procedures ?

I had a container ship kept near me on the table and few buoys on the table . I was staring on them to say please finish with the questions and ask buoyage and ROR. He did not take anything with ROR or Buoyage ! He was a gentleman not because he passed me but also because he was finding bullet points in my answer and not long stories. There is this fear for Indian not being passed and gossip of Southampton is a tough place to pass from – Guys please do your studies and then there will not be anything that will be difficult to you. I would like to start thanking

1. Captain Adesh Joshi – No Magnetism , Self confidence built to invite the surveyor as on my ship! Will miss him as been under his training from OOW to Master !

2. Captain Hugo- No Met possible without him!

3. Ron Price – No stability without him !

4. Mr Daniel Simon – No law without him!

5. Bill Hargreaves and Barry sadler – No orals preps without their preparation.

6. Captain Kunal Anand – Help in clear doubts and build self confidence!

7. Captain Bokari for all about Marpole and Jayindran for Radar.

8. The library lady who helped in fwd all past question papers.

I found it very helpful to go through past papers, I had studied for 5 weeks solid but it wasn’t until I went through the past papers in the last week that I formed an idea of how to answer questions properly in the exam. Last but not least thanks to all my mates on the course college for the endless hours spent going through past papers.

I would like to thank all who have helped me in my oral preparation- 2nd mates borrowing with ROR cards and so with chief mates with orals prep! Good luck!

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