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Rajendra Ghosh

Chief Officer (Unlimited)

MCA Oral Passed

By Capt. K.Anam

Station: Norwich

Date: 14th June 2013

Time: 13:30-14:20hrs

Before I could start with my Orals Questions, let me share my best experienced of MCA Oral exam @ Norwich centre taken by Capt. Anam. He called me inside sharp @ 13:30hrs, 1st question, why you are in Norwich Centre from Shields? Anyway, show me you’re P.P. & CDC as well as your UK Visa page on P.P.

So, what happened 1st time of your Orals ? Although he was having my old NoE right in-front of me, but he wanted from in my own word, believe you me, 1 by 1 I was telling him about my previous orals, he got me sail into those topic. To be honest, my whole oral exam with Capt. Anam was a interaction season with full of onboard experience sharing. And all the way he was pushing me to pass this hurdle.


1) What was your Trade route on your last v/l ? (It was in Pacific Ocean & Far East, Indian Ocean Region)

2) Load port’s? (Russia)

3) What are the problem associated with loading Crude oil in Cold climate or what you might have suffered during loading in Russia ?

4) Loading @ Russia, going to Philippines, what you will consider prior loading the cargo ? (He was keen to hear about the Load Line)

5) Where you will find the info about Load Line?

6) Where do you log down about Load Line details? (OLB)

7) What u write about Load Line on OLB ? How often? I got Bowled out…….How Often? Told him about that the info given in Load line certificate, but, he said, anything else….else ???

8) Again, who feel ups those Info about Load lines in the OLB ?.........Oh…..Now it clicked on my head, he must be talking about the Chief Officer’s section in the OLB…I said, the Draft, FBD, Arrival, Dep…by C/O !

What else is written in the OLB about Loadline section in the OLB ???????

9) So, how often c/o feed all those info into the OLB ? (After every Dep. & Arrival)

10) Tell me the sections of OLB ? Don’t tell me about the Front Cover page of the OLB, tell me rest everything…….!!!!

11) How often as a Master will you check your crew Accommodation ?

12) While checking your Food & Provision what else you will check? Do you only Eat, you don’t have anything else ??? What else, what else ???????........Sir, we do

Drink……..Oh….ho…..did I said, ‘’Food & Provision ?”……sir it will be Food & FW.

13) So what does your company SMS or the MGN talks about the FW tank cleaning….tell me what ever you know about it……stopped me in between…How often you check your FW Hose, shower head ?

14) Why or What you check in the Shower Head ??????

15) You have rec’vd a brand new ‘D’ shackle on board…..what checks ? Where you will find out the details on the Shackle it-self ???? I couldn’t able to answer him….he said, I will come back later….!!!!

16) What you will check on any other equipments which you ship ? As per PUWER ?

17) What is there in your Chain Register ???

18) In case of an Emergency onboard, what kind of system do you follow ? ( I was thorough about my company Emergency Procedure…..Manual……Chklist… person, including Flag, DPA, Class….!

19) What time maintenance system did you had ship ? ( SMS, PMS…..!!!)

20) What is master’s obligation under ISM ?

21) How do you report any Non-Confo?

22) After reporting Non-Conformity to the Company, does they just file your report ? ( Wanted to hear about ‘Company will do a Follow-up reporting including any suggestion from their side)

23) As a C/O what will you do after any accidents happened onboard?

24) What do you have to calculate the Stability of the vessel ? (Loadicator & Stab.Booklet)

25) In case of an Damage to the hull, how do you calculate the damage Stab ?

26) How do u know that your Loadicator is working correct ?

27) So, Now tell me, what else do you check during your Load-line Survey ? (Eureka……now it clicked on my head……he is looking for Stability information in the OLB L.L section)……So why you are not telling me this since the beginning…I could only say sorry barely to him…..Ufffff….!!

28) What type of system do you have onboard incase of an Emergency Situation w.r.t. ISM ?

29) What is SMS ? How do you say that, your company is an ISM approved company ?

30) Validity of DOC & SMC ? Including intervals of Inspection/ Audits ?

What happened in MARPOL Annex 1 last time with Capt. Tyson. I said, I forgot abt the ‘’Slop tank’’ fittings in the discharge criteria..! Okay Okay……tell me,

31) How many Slop tanks were there on your last v/l ?

32) You are going to a Discharge port; tell me everything which you are going to start 2 days prior of arrival or just before Arrival, (He was very keen to hear about the P/Rm Bilge alarm testing including all other alarms in the P/RM)

33) What about PV Breaker ? Why do you have that onboard ? I was telling him about the working procedure of that….then I was keen to draw that, but he said….I know, u r a tanker guy, u must be knowing all these things very well.

What else u had problem last time…let me see…..What happen with the Fire Drill….where was the Fire ?

I told him, it was in the Galley, I told Capt. Tyson about everything which I could prob’ly think off, but later he asked me, How many people will you send inside to fight the fire with Charged Fire Hose & BA Set? I answered him, 2 personnel……He said…I can’t pass you Mr. Ghosh….U can’t send anyone…..bcoz, u r not the Master, you will report to the Bridge & Master will give you the permission about sending anyone inside to fight the fire. Capt. Anam said, okay….now u tell me,

34) How many people will you keep as stand by ?? Or will you keep any one as a Back-up…..That’s all about fire fighting…..!!

What else u had problem last time…let me see….Rule 15, 19….not called Master…..!!

35) Pilot v/l crossing from Port to Stbd. Action, Fog signal, Day signal

36) NUC. Action, Fog & Day Signal, When Making way & Underway,

37) RAM, Action, Fog & Day Signal, When Making way & Underway,

38) CBD crossing from P to S, Fog & Day Signal, When Making way & Underway,

39) F.V. Fog & Day Signal, When Making way & Underway,

40) Trawler, Fog & Day Signal, When Making way & Underway.


41) Tell me as per Rule 19 what you can’t do ? (He was interested to hear, safe speed, alterations, slowdown, all the way off, Navigate with extreme caution all, not only 19 d )

Buoyage System:

42) Where do you find the Yellow Buoys ? Then took me to the Dover Strait BA Chart, TSS, asked me to show the Special buoyage in the Channel.

43) Then Buoyed Channel, said, you are in an EU port, which region is this ?

44) Then asked me to Drive the ship through the Buoyed channel as follows:- Safe Water Mark, Port Hand Lat. Mark, Stbd. Hand Lat. Mark, Pref. Ch. to Port, Stbd., Isolated danger mark, East & West Cardinal Buoy.

So, Mr. Ghosh, you don’t know about the marking on the D-Shackles……..No sir, I need to check & if you give me chance then, I will check it today itself.

So, what do you think Mr. Ghosh ? I could not say anything……only thing, I just said, ‘’I will make sure that, I know about that by today sir’’ He said, ‘’I am sure, u will.’’

Mr. Ghosh, Congratulation Chief Mate, you have Passed your Orals, Want to see you soon in your Master’s Orals.

I was spell bound, speechless, I just said, thanks a million sir.

I think, all my chief mate friends those who will proceed for their orals exam with Capt. Anam in future, please make sure that, you know your last vessel thoroughly and, please stop blaming the Surveyors.

They are there to help us to pass the exam by every possible ways.

I salute Capt. Anam, as he is a great examiner and he supported me throughout my orals. Never pressurized me at all, always gave me hints whenever I am stuck, Story time ends with a high note.

I wish you all the very best, May God bless you all.

N.B: I would like to say special thanks to Miss Patricia Uttridge , Capt. S.Lucose, Capt. M.Khan, Capt. V.Golding, Capt. J.Gough, Mrs. L.Holeman,Batch mates- Naveen Rawat, Shekhar Sharma, Sandeep Singh, Aditya Misra, Leslie Menezes, Nilesh Bankar, Saurav, Hari Karnakar, Mr.Kazi from Lowestoft,& all my Class Mates & last but not least, My Parents & Bro & Family members.....!!!

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