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Result: PASS

Length of Exam: 1hr 10mins

Centre: MCA Southampton

Date: 19th JUNE, 2013

Time: 1530 HRS

- Arrived at MCA for approximately 15:15 to be well on time and settle before going in. IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL NERVOUS once you can get over it in the exam room.

- Got in the room. Introduced himself, took documents etc.

- Offered glass of water and made me feel comfortable

- We then started to chat a bit all about my last ship and of course about MGN 69

- During the explanation about last ship, he was constantly taking notes and he would be doing so for the entire exam

- Advised he would be examining me on my last ship as Chief Officer, and he would let me know when I would be acting as MASTER (he also said he would be asking me

some questions on other types of ships as well, so I was well aware for the entire exam)

- Asked if I were ready to start, probably forgot a lot of questions but here’s a go at what I remember.

- (He said to keep talking until I could not speak anymore about a topic, he would stop me if I was not on the right track or if he heard enough)

-You are loading iron ore, what publication, rules& regulations apply, how will you load , what precautions will you take?

- What do you know about IMDG?

- How do you implement Health & Safety Onboard?

- What law governs it? How is it approved?

- ISM, affects you as Ch. Off? All about ISM, docs, how its governed, is it law, validity, SMS, how its H&S is implemented through ISM

- Stability – GZ curves, explain in detail, asked various questions about GZ CURVES

- Explain stability in detail, talked a lot about list and loll, and Righting moments, draw box diagrams etc, BM&SF stresses

- Intact stability requirements, Grain stability req.

- Stability during the dry dock,p force, critical moment, critical period,virtual loss GM, how will u calculate? explained him with diagram

- How would you secure cargo o/b? What document? Was going into Cargo Securing Manual Here and went into a lot of depth about this chapters, how it is used etc, who issues it? Is it law?

- Move on to Rest Hours, again how it is governed, is it law?

- Young persons, rest hours, special duties etc?

- Went into permits to work, and risk assessments?

- Describe in detail from the start procedures to follow and how Permits to work and risk assessment

- How do you conduct a safe navigational watch? MGN 315 in detail

- Muster lists, Lifeboats, - drills, maintenance, where it is governed, more in depth detail on MGN 71, MSN 1803

- Procedure for lifting the life-boat from water, want to listen abt FPD in details MGN 388

- Fire onbd c/o actions

- in case of collision c/o actions

- Prohibition and Improvement Notices, everything I know about it, where it is governed?

-MARPOL – list all discharge requirements and annexes, which ones affect my last ship. How is it implemented o/b? Who is in charge?

- Load line survey, how it is done, procedures? MSN 1752

- Spoke about load lines here as well

- RADAR, x/s band comparison

- Draw a radar plot and explain in detail?

- Limitations of ARPA?

- RADAR & the errors you can expect?

- ECDIS – law governing its implementation, limitations, training?

- How do you plan a route, how do you check a route?

- When do you expect to be called as Master?

- Action you would expect OOW to take in restricted visibility?

- Crew fighting in the galley and you are having dinner action as MASTER

Rule 19

- Started with v/l on heading 270 (T). One blip right ahead, one on starboard quarter. CPA 0.0 for both vessels. Went through 19d, scanty info asked the examiner please complete the plot. He completed the plot. Turned out own vessel over taking the vessel ahead and vessel on ROC from stbd.Bold alteration to port, as per rule 19d. Detail on rule in this area some discussion as well.

Was happy with my knowledge of RULE 19 ... we move on

Went onto Collision Situations, I am MASTER in my cabin observing OOW actions, what would I expect him to do?

- (After quoting rule 7, all situations ROC deemed to exist)

- That’s it no more ROR


(For each tell him, top mark, light characteristic, action to take & appropriate side to pass,same heading 270)

- North Cardinal Mark

- Safe Water Mark

- Preferred Channel to port (region A)

- Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy

END of the Exam, stated that I PASSED and we chatted a bit. Very good examiner,He allows you to talk as much as you can, fair but requires deep knowledge in all aspects. Always asks the laws that apply, and would be very beneficial to know your M notices relevant. Thanks to all the great guys from the Sept 12’ batch and Mr.Kunal Anand,Mr. Bokhari, Mr. Hargreaves and Mr. Roberts for all the orals help !!! Hope this helps you all, best of luck.

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