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1350 – 1420

5th March 13


Ajit Fernandes – Crude Tankers – 4th Attempt

First he took me in and apologized for the delay, said he had got an important call which kept him.

1. Gave me a radar plot & said go through this while I go through your documents. It was an ARPA view showing the targets relative vectors. There was no target info written down.

Own Vsl – Hdg 010, Spd – 10K

‘T’ on port beam, 1 tgt port bow appx 4 pts – CPA = 0, 1 tgt stbd bow appx 4 pts – CPA 0, 1 tgt appx 2 pts abaft the beam – CPA = 2’ passing astern. ( I explained the plot and my action aloud to him, quoting R19 d and what I legally need to do and then gave him my final action wrt all the targets)

2. How often do you swing the compass / when do you need to adjust the compass

3. What do you know about Risk Assessment?

4. What is ISM (I told him what it was & didn stop there – continued to give him the elements too – he stopped me midway)

5. You are on a tanker and you need to carry out a tank inspection of one of your cargo tanks. What are the checks you will carry out and how will you go about

the inspection and what all will you inspect in the tank? (I was not certain whether he wanted the entire gas freeing procedure so I went till the part where I said

I will gas free my tanks and there I stopped and clarified – he said no continue from where u are at now, so I went on. In the inspection don’t forget to mention – ladder condition, weld seams for cracks, condition of bell mouth, pitting under the bell mouth, area where sludge has accumulated wrt COW m/c position, all valves, hydraulics, striker plate and sounding pipe and add whatever else u can think of)

6. What are the gases you will check for, how much should they be?

7. You are about to load your tanker – the shore gangway has just been placed on board, what are the most important things you need to check? (bonding wire, Loading master – DoS, in. loading rate, max loading rate, topping off rate, Emergency stop, MSDS and then say everything else)

8. In one of your tanks whilst carrying out routine maintenance, AB slipped and injured his knee, action(1st give him first aid)

9. You are the safety off on board, what will else will you do after handing him over to the medical off – (make a Safety report)

10. Who all do u need to inform apart from MAIB in this case

11. After all this is there anything that u as a safety officer need to do on board (Hold a safety committee meeting with the entire compliment and discuss the accident)

12. OK lets take u on a vsl from Gibraltar to S. America in the month of August – what all will you expect enroute

13. What is the basic principle of a TRS? What is the Law??

14. What are the precautions u will carry out for heavy weather

15. What are the means available on board – resources that will give u info on weather ( say everything including VHF n MF radio broadcasts and add the publications too)

16. What are the advantages of weather routing

17. How do you maintain the FW appliances on board ( Don’t forget to mention about the shower heads and hoses)

18. I come on board your vessel to carry out a SEQ survey, tell me what all items would I be looking to inspect

19. What other equipment – I forgot to mention FFA, as soon as he said ‘equipment’ bells started ringing!!!!

20. What were the fixed firefighting equipment on board your last ship (Low Exp foam – Deck n High Exp – E/R)

21. What maintenance did u carry out on this system ( Yearly foam sample, lines blown thru with air and check the nozzles if they are clogged, foam pump tried out and mixture churned in the tank)

22. E/R near the boiler there is a fire, Action?? ( he stopped me halfway) what is your action as a master if the fire becomes uncontrollable

23. What are the rest hour requirements

24. Anything else?? (Young Persons)


1. F/V right ahead showing a cone pointing up? – described what she was doing, said as per R18 my duty to keep out of her way thus my action would be to sound 2 s/b n make a broad alteration to port n continue to monitor her until she is finally past n clear.

2. CBD port bow.

3. TSS. Own vsl in lane. Ferry crossing stbd to port – Action

Night – They are cards, slightly smaller than an A4 piece of paper

1. PDV prob 50 mtrs or more engaged in towing operations with length of tow more than 200 mtrs, seen from her stbd side, underway (On Port Bow – Action)

2. Vsl aground prob 50mtrs or more in length (Rt ahead – daysignal, sound signal n action)

Identify only:

1. NUC astern / Vsl <50m aground

2. PDV prob 50mtr or more in length seen from her stbd side underway

3. F/V seen from P side with nets or gear extending more than 150 m making way

Buoys – only identify

1. Emergency Wreck marking buoy

2. N. cardinal

3. W. Cardinal

4. Safe Water

That was it. I have tried to include the answers which I gave the surveyor and thought might be beneficial to you. If there is anyone of you who like me, gets nervous when you’re in front of an examiner – something that helped me this time around was I kept psyching myself that I was going to pass. And think of it as a discussion with one of your friends. Also practice saying stuff aloud. It helps.

I did not care about failure – All I cared about was finishing something I started!!!!

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Never give up!!

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