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Name: Yagnala v.k Rao

Candidate: Chief Mate

College: WMA

Centre: Southampton

Examiner: Capt R.Shah

Date: 12-04-2013

Time: 0930-1010

Result: Pass (3rd Attempt)

It was my 3rd attempt. First was with Capt Esmiely & 2nd with Capt Mearce

Failing question was with Capt Esmiely, sheering and bending forces,Merchant navy code of conduct. I could not able to answer.

2nd Attempt Question as follows.

 Advantage and disadvantages with blocks (I think this is one of my failing question)

 Lifting appliances (proof load, testing, & inspection)

 Chain register contents

 Oil record book entries (I could not remember all those, just I told 5 points) 2nd failing question

 Heavy weather precautions

 Heavy lift precautions (again I miss that point that I have to wait few second after initial lifting of lift) 3rd reason to fail

 Helicopter operations precautions and hi line technique

 Vessel entering in non recognized port (precautions)if work shop team sail along with us until next port in this case my responsibility as chief officer(forgot to tell him that they have go through ship familiarities check list)

 Reasons when we exchange Declaration of security

Radar plot

With one Figure

I said bold alteration of course to STBD. He asked how much I said 90.

 What do you mean by MCR (again I could not able to answer)

 Loading coal, precautions

 Hanging of anchor (again I could not able to answer)


 Master pilot exchange

 Enclose space entry precautions

 Squat definition


DAY (power driven vessel on my port side)

(Tug and tow port side)

Lights (NUC, vessel aground in this condition he need additionally mores code signal) again I could not remember that

Buoys (West cardinal mark, Emergency wreck marking buoy, Isolate danger mark, preferred channel to STBD)

3rd attempt questions as follows

Vessel was in Amsterdam discharging coal

 Taking over as chief officer I have only 1 hr to take over (interested to hear discussion with reliving c/o regarding crew)

 Instructions to duty officer (interested to hear about Hold inspections)

 Cargo is going to be completed in 2 hrs my actions (interested to hear regarding piracy checks including all checks as per departure check list)

 What publications available in ships office. (Interested to hear COSWAP & chain register with all other IMO publications )

 What Entries would be made in chain register

 Heavy weather precautions

 What is MARPOL (interested to hear all ANEXES from 1 to 6 and its requirements)

 Oil record book entries part 1

 Oil record book entries part 2

 As Chief Officer how will you prepare the vessel for the load line survey

 What is ISM (Explain ISM in detail including the certification)

 What is SMS

 How SMS effects you, as c/o

 How I will Load sugar (precautions, actions, plans)

 What is FSM

 How I will correct FSC

 GZ curves (Normal vessel, FSM, angle loll, list)

 Dry dock precautions

 Before arrival dry dock (interested hear regarding safety meeting and work and rest hours)

 Information exchange with dry-dock authorities

 What is work permit and who is responsible for the dry dock people when they are working onboard

 Enclose space entry precautions

 Safe access (what is the length of pilot ladder)

No RADAR plotting


Lights (pilot vessel, tug and tow) Identify the vessel, day shape’s including length and its dia & fog signal

Buoys (Special mark ODAS, Emergency wreck marking buoy, safe water mark) in safe water mark why there is difference in shapes.

I thank God for his grace. It’s totally because of God grace nothing else not my knowledge nor my wisdom. Hallelujah…….

May I wish everyone the best of luck for the future and I hope that this is useful! Many thanks to all of my friends specially Max, Amith all WMA lecturers

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