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Always Repeated Question in MMD

Chief mate oral Exam 19th slept 2013

14:45hrs -1525hrs

Examiner: Mr Alec Keep

Candidate: Santosh Rai

Ship type: Bulk Carrier

Result: Pass

1. What is Mercator projection?

2. What is GC and its use?

3. What is GMDSS carriage Requirement for a vessel in all area?

4. What is radar, its uses?

5. What is x-band and what is s-band, their uses?

6. What is ARPA and its characteristic and data?

7. How to make fix by radar?

8. Which is the most reliable Range or Bearing?

9. What is error in bearing and source of error?

10. What is normal maintenance of Compass?

11. What is doing in every watch?

12. What is method to take gyro error?

13. How do you take amplitude?

14. How to make a loading plan?

15. How do you come to know v/l cannot load heavy density cargo?

16. Where will you find the example given for ship shore safety check list?

17. What is there in ship shore safety check list?

18. Precaution while carrying coal cargo?

19. How will you carry out heavy lift operation?

20. What is there in marpol anex six for normal vessel?

21. What are factors to be considered before determining bridge watch level?

22. How to carry out annual through examination on life boat?

23. How to carry out running moor with wind on port bow and current on stbd bow?

24. ROR;

25. Prefer channel to port buoy in America, west cardinal mark heading 349

26. Navy ship doing operation with helicopter on port bow, launching and recovery

27. CBD on your port beam almost parallel

28. Small vessel 5 m right ahead in narrow channel less speed and same course

29. How will you go in narrow channel in America

30. Power driven v/l on port bow

31. Power driven vessel less than 50 m length, tow less than 200m on port bow

That’s all guys and I heard a sound you are pass.

With the grace of almighty God I am through.

Thanks a lot to all my friends who supported me in my tough times especially Swapan, Gulati and Amit.

Best of luck.

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