Kyocera wireless India Pvt. Ltd.

 Paper Pattern




I attended kyocera interview on monday at global village tech park bangalore.


There were 3 rounds:

1. Written ,

2. Technical (divided into I and II)

3. Hr.the written test was simple consisting of 60 questions (30 from aptitude and 30 from C & data structures.)


In technical round they concentrated on C and data structures especially on linked lists and storage classes.


No of Rounds : Aptitude Test,     Technical Round/s,     HR Interview


Location : Bangalore


Latest Kyocera Placement Papers 2009  (Pattern)

1.Logical Resoning


25 que(25 minutes)

Propositions and etc.but very simple)


2.Analytical Reasoning


25 que(20 minutes)

7 Questions in apti and etc.simple


3.Mental Ability


20 que (15 minutes) 

Most concentrate on + replace as,-,

* replace as / like that(10 que)


4.C and Data Structure


40 Question (40 minutes)

20 Question C(very easy)

20 Question Data structure (very tuff)