Kanbay Technologies Placement Paper (Aptitude- Mathematical & Logical)


1)What is implied in the following sentence, During war the two countries formed allied.


I) There was war


II) the two countries are companions


a) I only  b) II only  c) I & II both  d) neither I or II


2)what is the conclusion from the following sentence


A group of people are rich


A group of people are educated


I)Rich are educated


II)A group of people are neither rich or educated


a)I only b)II only c)both I & II d)none of these


3)what is implied from the following


All fathers are sons


No father is educated


I) All sons are educated


II)All fathers are uneducated


a)I only b)II only c)I & II both d)neither I or II


4)All Donkey are Elephant


All Elephants are Cat


a)All Cats are elephant


b)All Elephants are donkey


c)All cats are Donkey


d)All Donkeys are cat


i)only a ii)only b & c iii)all the above iv)a,b&c (i'm not sure of the answer & option)


4 set of words are given out of which one is oddman,find it?


 a) sigh   b) cough   c) talk   d) sniff





5 .the oddman out


 a) llatfoob b) rictek c) llasm d )nisnet


(Except one all are representing games football, cricket & tennis)




6) ABCD are on the 4 corner of the square each has to pass the sides of a square once they move in clockwise direction which one is true


Ans... B is south-east of D


7)On seeing a portray a person says "he is the son of my father, my father has only one daughter" How many children does the person's father have


Ans) can't be determined


8)Average of three numbers A,B,C is 17 when A is replaced by D the average increases by 2 what is the value of D?


a)16 b)18 c)12 d) none of these


Ans) d.



Mr.Mukherjee has two sons Ashok,Sham. Mr & Mrs sharma have 2 children Rekha & Anand  If Rekha is married to sham & they have 2 children priya & Kamal then


9)how is Anand related to priya


a) uncle b) maternal uncle c) brother d) none of these


10)Question from the same passage


Two cubes are kept together that it has two faces and 6 sides they are brushed with red paint then it was cut into 25 pieces


11)How many side of the cube will have at least 2 side painted


12)How many side would not have only one side painted


13)If two days from tomorrow is Thursday then what will be 2 days before yesterday


a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) none of these


14)What is the day on 1978 jan 12


a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Friday d) wednesday


15)Find the number in the space


4 3 8


9 ? 1


2 7 6


a)4   b)5   c)2    d) none of these


a&b play hockey and football .d&c play football & tennis . b&c play Cricket & tennis c&a play hockey and tennis. based on these 2 question like


16)who play all the four games


17)Who play hockey, tennis and football


18) If Kamal is coded as IVSVT then what is VIMAL


19)Series question like 1,5,11,.........


20) _11_11_01_01_01


a) 00000   b) 01110   c)10001   d)11111


21)An unbiased coin is tossed 8 times what is the probability of getting at least 6 heads.


22)There are 6red ,4 white,3black balls what is the probability of drawing 2 red balls.




23) There are two pipes p,q which can empty a container at 24hr,32hr respectively. both the pipes are opened simultaneously after what time should the first pipe be closed so that the container is emptied in 16minutes.


24)A lady bought 7pineapples and 5 oranges for 38rupees.what is the cost of each pineapple.




Kanbay Technologies Placement Paper (Aptitude)


1.problems on permutation combinations like BANANA, ..


2.if April 18 was Wednesday in 1998,when is april 18 in 1999?


3.if B has its shadow falling on right side early morning ,then in which direction is he facing?


4.age problems like .Mothers age was twice the the age of son two years ago. after how many years will she be three times her sons age??


5.analyzing data interpretations and around 4-5 questions based on tat


6.a Guy has some chocolates with him he distributes them equally among 5 people and remaining with him is 3.if he distributes them equally among 7 people remaining is 5 with him. Which of them isn't is possible no. of chocolates he had??


7.In a test moti,ganesh,manali,rupali,raj, appear, according to the scores Moti is not the least scorer but is lower to Raj .who occupies the 2 nd position is the order?


8.mr a meets mrs b.mr b is has a son and daughter .son is Moti and is married and has a son .mrs moti is mr a mother .how is mr a related to mr b??


9.ram buys some dozens of apples and peaches .their price ratio is 5:7.if the price of 1 dozen of peach is is rs 9,how many dozens of apple did he bring?


10.problems based on relationships like those in RS Aggarwal


11.In a queue A is is in 7 the position from the left and B is 9 position from the left .if they switch positions A is in 11 the position ,find the total people in the row??




1. S 1=={1,2,3,4}, S 2 =={A,B.C .Z},S 3=={ },(S1*S2)U S3==?


2. IF 5*4=_,8*7=B,how much is 6*9== ?


3. 4 to 5 questions on simplifying complex nos. equations


4. sphere of radius 4.5 cm is divide in three spheres ,two have radius 1.5 and 2 cm,find the other ones??


5. if COMPLEX == 81,and .how much is ANALYSE==?? 2-3 questions based on similar pattern


6. two taps a and b fill up a cistern in 2 and3 hrs ,at what time should b be closed if the tank cistern is filled up in 17 minutes??


7. A doctor checks 5 patients every 3 hrs with a break of 10 minutes between each two check ups how many he patients he checks in 10 hrs and 15 minutes??


8. no. of diagonals friends if vertices of a octagon are joined??


9. an equilateral triangle is formed by joining the centers of sides of a equilateral triangle. what is the ratio of area ,s of both the triangles??


10. A can finish the work in 3 days , B can finish the work in double efficiency, can finish with equal efficiency of both A and B.


11. A.B,C,D stand at the edges of a square. they start moving along the square sides. after clockwise rotation where will each be??


12. if 1 is stop,2 is run,3 is go,4 is wait,5 is walk, then would be the next stage if the following pattern 5 5 4 3 2 1 ..4 1 2 2 3 1 ?


13. C remembers meeting B after 14 but before 18 ,but D remembers meeting B after 16 but before 18.when did both meet B??


14. avg age of boys in a class is 12.when the age of teacher is included it is 13.what could


15. which is greater (1000)pow1001 and 1001pow999


16.one container contains milk and water in the ratio 3:7 and the other contains 8:11,in what ratio these two containers is to be mixed so that the ratio of milk and water is 4:5.


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