ICICI Bank | Aptitude Question Paper


Date: Duration: 90 minutes Max. Marks:


Instructions: 1) All the questions are compulsory.

1. Figures to the right indicate the marks for each question of that section.

2. Answer the questions by drawing a circle around the option that you think is correct


I. English Language Ability :


A. Part I [1 x 7 = 7 Marks]


Questions 1-7 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C) and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.


1. After the funeral, the residents of the apartment building __________

a. sent faithfully flowers all weeks to the cemetery.

b. sent to the cemetery each week flowers faithfully.

c. sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery each week.

d. sent each week faithfully to the cemetery flowers.


2. Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for ________

a. another pants

b. others pants

c. the others ones

d. another pair


3. The committee has met and _________

a. they have reached a decision

b. it has formulated themselves some opinions

c. its decision was reached at

d. it has reached a decision


4. Alfred Adams has not ________

a. lived lonelynessly in times previous

b. never before lived sole

c. ever lived alone before

d. before lived without the company of his friends


5. John?s score on the test is the highest in the class; ___________

a. he should study last night

b. he should have studied last night

c. he must have studied last night

d. he must had to study last night


6. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because _________

a. he must to teach a class

b. he will be teaching a class

c. of he will teach a class

d. he will have teaching a class


7. Having been served lunch, __________

a. the problem was discussed by the members of the committee

b. the committee members discussed the problem

c. it was discussed by the committee members the problem

d. a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee


Part II [1 x 7 = 7 Marks]


In question 8-14, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.


1. The main office of the factory can be found in Maple Street in New York City.

a. the main

b. be found

c. in

d. in


2. Because there are less members present tonight than there were last night, we must wait until the next meeting to vote.

a. less

b. than

c. were

d. to vote


3. David is particularly fond of cooking, and he often cooks really delicious meals.

a. particularly

b. fond of

c. often cooks

d. really


4. The progress made in space travel for the early 1960s is remarkable.

a. progress

b. made

c. in space

d. for


5. Sandra has not rarely missed a play or concert since she was seventeen years old.

a. not rarely

b. a play

c. since

d. was seventeen years old


6. The governor has not decided how to deal with the new problems already.

a. The

b. has

c. how to deal with

d. already


7. There was a very interesting news on the radio this morning about the earthquake in Italy.

a. there was

b. a

c. on the

d. about


B. Part III [1 x 6 = 6 Marks]


In question 15-20, the given pair of words contains a specific relationship to each other. Select the best pair of choices which expresses the same relationship as the given.



a. flatterer : undermine

b. genius : creativity

c. tyrant : influence

d. general : salute


2. APIARY : BEE ::

a. mountain : skier

b. airport : flight

c. schedule : event

d. stable : horse



a. grief : loss

b. rout : defeat

c. triumph : failure

d. pathway : ruin



a. insect : antenna

b. burglar : mask

c. gull : wing

d. plane : radar



a. hermetic : air

b. combatant : strife

c. somnolent : boredom

d. ocean : shore



a. composer : score

b. physician : diagnosis

c. verse : poet

d. king : parliament


Part IV [1 x 5 = 5 Marks]


In question 21-25, choose the best word, which is most opposite in the meaning to the given word.



a. underlying

b. complex

c. luxurious

d. tight



a. frenzy

b. attitude

c. altitude

d. restriction



a. Noticeable

b. Useful

c. Needful

d. Original



a. Simple

b. Inferior

c. Unrewarding

d. Young



a. steal

b. postpone

c. refuse

d. injure


Passage Comprehension [1 x 7 = 7 Marks]


Line 1. A recent investigation by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey shows that strange animal behavior might help predict earthquakes. Investigators found such occurrences within a ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter of a fairly recent quake. Some birds screeched and flew about wildly; dogs yelped and ran around uncontrollably.


Line 5. Scientists believe that animals can perceive environmental changes several hours or even days before the mishaps. Animals were notes as being restless for several weeks before a Tashkent, Uzbekistan, earthquake. An hour before the disaster, domestic animals refused to go indoors and dogs howled and barked furiously. In 1960, an earthquake struck Agadir in Morocco. Survivors recall that stray animals, including dogs, were seen streaming out of town before the earthquake. In a safari zoo near San Francisco, llamas would not eat the evening before a 1979 quake, and they ran around wildly all night.


Line 12. Unusual animal behavior preceding earthquakes has been noted for centuries. British Admiral Robert Fitzroy reported huge flocks of screaming seabirds over Conception, Chile, in 1835. An hour and half later, dogs were seen fleeing, and ten minutes later the town was destroyed. Similar stories of chickens running around in apparent states of panic, horses trembling and dogs barking incessantly were recorded throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by survivors of earthquake destruction in India, Yugoslavia, Peru, Mexico and the Unites States.


Line 18. In 1976, after monitoring bizarre animal behavior, the Chinese predicted a devastating earthquake. Although hundreds of thousand of people were killed, the government was able to evacuate millions of others people and thus keep the death toll at a lower level.


1. What prediction may be made by observing animal behavior?

a. An impending earthquake

b. The number of people who will die

c. The ten-kilometer radium from the epicenter

d. The fact that an earthquake has occurred.


2. The author implies that animals are aware of an impending earthquake because

a. Of their intelligence

b. They have certain instinctive abilities to perceive that human do not possess

c. They are generally closer to the epicenter than the human observers

d. They react to other animal behaviors


3. The word "evacuate" in line 20 closest in meaning to

a. remove

b. exile

c. Destroy

d. emaciate


4. All of the following statement are true EXCEPT

a. some animals may be able to sense an approaching earthquake

b. by observing animal behavior scientist perhaps can predict earthquakes

c. the Chines have successfully predicted an earthquake and saved may lives

d. only dogs and horses seem to possess the special perception that allows them to predict earthquakes


5. In line 3 the word " epicenter" is nearest in meaning to

a. stratosphere

b. Contour

c. Periphery

d. Core


6. The passage implies that if scientist can accurately predict earthquakes there will be

a. fewer animal going crazy

b. a lower death rate

c. fewer people evacuated

d. fewer environmental changes


7. In line 18 "devastating" means most nearly the same as

a. destructive

b. voracious

c. intense

d. forthcoming



ICICI Bank PO Written Exam Sample Questions

1) Mrs. Watsherface had a garage sale. A custmer named Gina bought an old lamp and a rug. She paid a total of $5.25 for everything. The rug cost 25 cents more than the lamp. How much did each cost?


Answer: The lamp cost $ 2.50 and the rug cost $ 2.75


2) SlowRun Express runs between Bangalore and Mumbai, For the up as well as the down journey, the train leaves the starting station at 10:00 PM everyday and reaches the destination at 11:30 PM after three days.Mr. Haani once travelled by SlowRun Express from Mumbai to Bangalore. How many SlowRun Express did he cross during his journey?


Answer: Mr. Haani crossed 7 SlowRun Expresses during his journey.


3) In a certain year, the number of girls who graduated from City High School was twice the number of boys. If 3/4 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys went to college immediately after graduation, what fraction of the graduates that year went to college immediately after graduation?


Answer: Assume that number of boys graduated from City High School = B

Therefore, number of girls graduated from City High School = 2*B

It is given that 3/4 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys went to college immediately

after graduation.

Hence, total students went to college

= (3/4)(2*B) + (5/6)(B)

= B * (3/2 + 5/6)

= (7/3)B

Fraction of the graduates that year went to college immediately after graduation

= [(7/3)B] / [3*B]

= 7/9

Therefore, the answer is 7/9


4) A mule and a donkey were carrying full sacks on their backs.The mule started complaining that his load was too heavy. The donkey said to him “Why are you complaining? If you gave me one of your sacks I’d have double what you have and if I give you one of my sacks we’d have an even amount.”How many sacks were each of them carrying? Give the minimal possible answer.


Answer: The mule was carrying 5 sacks and the donkey was carrying 7 sacks.


5) Two people enter a race in whick you run to a point and back. Person A runs 20 mph to and from the point. Person B runs to the point going 10 mph and 30 mph going back. Who came in first?


Answer: Person A came in first.


6) Mark ate half of a pizza on Monday. He ate half of what was left on Tuesday and so on. He followed this pattern for one week. How much of the pizza would he have eaten during the week?


Answer: Mark would have ate 127/128 (99.22%) of the pizza during the week.


7) In the General meeting of “Friends Club”, Sameer said, “The repairs to the Club will come to a total of Rs 3120 and I propose that this amount should be met by the members, each paying an equal amount.” The proposal was immediately agreed. However, four members of the Club chose to resign, leaving the remaining members to pay an extra Rs 26 each.How many members did the Club originally have?


Answer: The Club originally had 24 members.


8) If you look at a clock and the time is 3:15.What is the angle between the hour and the minute hands? ( The answer to this is not zero!)


Answer: 7.5 degrees


ICICI Probationary Officer exam Online Test Pattern : July 2010


Company Name: ICICI

Type: Fresher, Job Interview


It was a online test.


Total test duration : 44min, Consists of 5 sections. Everything was simple and easy to answer.


•Section One: Reading Comprehension

•Section Two: Sentence Completion

•Section Three: Aptitude Based on Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Problems on Ages all were simple.

•Section Four: Diagram

•Section Five: Sun:Planet::Earth:? sort of questions

Exam/Interview Date : 30-Jul-2010

Location : Bangalore


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