Hewlett Packard Freshers


Job Description :


Quality consultants define, develop and implement initiatives that will improve core entity business processes. As part of a major re-engineering initiative, you'll analyze customer and process data, come up with ideas that will increase process quality, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, and in doing so you'll be a key influence in our customer-centered organization.


You'll also assist in the implementation of business plans and initiatives. Leading the management and continuous improvement of Quality System, this multi-national, multi-cultural role has a very high impact on the success and quality of the work that we and our partners do, the cost of providing support, and ultimately our bottom line.


Industry Type : IT-Software/ Software Services


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HP: Hewlett Packard Latest Job Interview Pattern - 2009

Company Name : HP

Type : Fresher, Job Interview


The first round was Bbjective Test. It was 2 hours and 30 minutes.


There were the usual Aptitude Rounds, Paper on Data Structures, C/C++ / Java ( we can choose any one), OS and Networking.


The next round was Technical Interview. This was for nearly an hour. The questions were mainly from Data Structures and they also asked to write few programs, few Database Concepts etc.


The third round was HR. All the best


Exam/Interview Date : 11-Aug-2009

No of Rounds : Screeing Test

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Hewlett Packard Latest Placement Pattern August 2009

Company Name : Hewlett Packard

Type : Fresher, Job Interview


1. Written Contains 6 Sections:


1.Programming Ability


3.OS & Networks

4.Data structures

5.C/C++/Java (of our choice)

6.Email (Scenario Given) Programming ability section is the toughest section in written test.

All other sections are easy. Questions prepared by Merit Trac.


2. Tech interview: If u r good at C, Pointers, OS.

3. Then u can surely crack the Interview.


4. HR Interview: They will make u get stressed by criticizing ur projects,score in semesters,email u have written.but stay cool n answer with gentle smile. u can easily crack the HR interview too. Smile during interview is must-this is ma opinion. results announced @ 11pm. 11 members got selected.6 4rm ece,4 4rm cse,1 4rm eee. i'm one among them Best of luck.


No. of Rounds : Techincal Round-1

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